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Law Professor Blows Up Biden’s ‘Corvette’ Excuse, Explains How POTUS May Have Set Trap for Himself

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President Joe Biden may have believed he had a smart reaction to the controversy involving sensitive information that has engulfed his presidency, but a legal scholar disagrees.

The 2017 discovery that Joe Biden carried secret materials with him at the end of his stint as vice president has prompted a variety of explanations.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) speculated that the papers may have been planted, while other liberals have accepted Biden’s “error” on the grounds that he is a “nice guy,” in contrast to Donald Trump.

Now it has been reported that confidential documents were discovered in the garage of Biden’s Delaware home, near to his Corvette. Biden said that since his garage was locked, the records were secure.

Now that an investigation by a special counsel has begun, Biden’s attorney is alleging that the records were stolen “inadvertently,” and thus Biden’s actions were not unlawful.

In a post for Fox News, Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, stated that the facts of the case refute this reasoning.

First, according to Turley, it is evident that the records were relocated many times, as Biden brought them with him when he left office in 2017, and separate files have now surfaced in other locations.

Given the frequency with which these papers were relocated, Biden could not have been unaware that he had these secret materials with him when he left office.

Second, Turley brought up the potential that Biden utilized these materials to write his memoirs, in which case “the inadvertent defense is not only shattered but could be cited later as an effort to deceive the public.”

The inquiry and appointment of a special counsel by attorney general Merrick Garland took a long time to commence, and the scope of the mandate was extremely limited compared to that of the special counsel in the Trump case. This may indicate that Biden and his administration are aware of the gravity of these charges.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Turley ended the article with the ominous statement, “We may soon, however, see an extraordinary historical development where both leading candidates for the presidency will be campaigning with their own assigned special counsels.” CONTINUE READING…

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