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Lawsuit Alleges DOJ Concealing Documents On Hunter, Jim Biden’s Foreign Payoffs

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When Hunter Biden’s laptop was discovered at a Wilmington, Delaware repair shop in 2019, it was hidden and the information on it was painstakingly recovered and saved. The hundreds of documents on the laptop were believed to reveal proof of the Biden family’s overseas transactions that were said to be unlawful and reflected especially on the current president, Joe Biden.

The Biden family, in especially James and Hunter, have long faced attention for allegedly selling off the family brand to win lucrative transactions with foreign corporations. Of special interest is first son Hunter’s service on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas business, despite his lack of expertise in the field.

Hunter’s operations sprang into the public glare in part owing to the publishing of a story in the New York Post that featured negative material about the Biden family obtained from his laptop, which he left at the repair business. Though first criticized as “Russian disinformation” by many in the mainstream media, the report was later validated.

The first son has hired publicists and PR gurus to assist him begin a media campaign in response to the increasing public scrutiny against him, a move that has raised some eyebrows at the White House.

After it was confirmed that the material originated from Hunter Biden’s laptop, it appears that an inquiry would have been launched immediately. But the DOJ has not hastened to do this, even if the father of this family is the current U.S. president. And now appears to be playing a shell game to conceal the knowledge.

Instead of conducting an open investigation, the Department of Justice allegedly attempted to prevent the release of 400 pages of documents regarding Hunter and Jim Biden’s dealings with China, Russia, and Ukraine, according to a lawyer seeking their release under the Freedom of Information Act, as reported by Just the News.

According to the Daily Mail, Kevin Evans, a lawyer challenging the DOJ, said that the agency did not cooperate with his FOIA request, but had confirmed in court that the materials he requested existed and is now attempting to dispute that fact. Evans had requested papers covering “any relationship, communication, gift(s), and/or remuneration in any form” between either Biden and the aforementioned nations.

The DOJ, he argues, says it can “neither confirm nor deny” the existence of the 400 “potentially relevant” papers that he says they previously identified. The case’s next hearing is scheduled for January.

These are the same pertinent papers that have existed and been reported on since the laptop was discovered.

The New York Post reported on Monday that “A Colorado lawyer says the Justice Department is trying to conceal hundreds of ‘potentially responsive’ documents about gifts received by first son Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden from contacts in China, Russia, and Ukraine.”

Evans stated to the Daily Mail on the DOJ, “They eventually produced about 60 pages of documents, but they’re all letters from senators and congressman asking about Hunter and letters from DOJ back.”

“Then towards the end of last year they said, ‘Well we have these 400 pages of potentially responsive documents, we need to review them,’” Evans stated that his attorneys informed him of the government’s assertion, which he said was reiterated in court. After a few months, according to Evans, the government responded with “neither confirm nor deny.” Such a reaction after examination suggests that the DOJ seeks to conceal anything inside the materials.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Evans said he initially filed a FOIA request in November 2020 after reading about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings in China and Ukraine, connections The Post broke wide open that October. The Post’s expose’ of the first son’s business relationships was based on emails and messages found on the laptop. Evens has said he believes the government will do what it takes to keep the information under wraps. CONTINUE READING…

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