Leaked Document Reveals What Biden Has Been Hiding…

The devastating disaster that Democrat Joe Biden caused in Afghanistan will be a negative mark on his presidency for the rest of his life. There is no way to escape the bad feelings people have about Biden after what the American people saw in his sloppy, reckless, and fraudulent withdrawal of the region.

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Now we have leaked information that proves Biden was worse than a mess, he betrayed many people, and it looks like it was all for political theater.

“Leaked notes from a White House Situation Room meeting the day before Kabul fell shed new light on just how unprepared the Biden administration was to evacuate Afghan nationals who’d helped the United States in its 20-year war against the Taliban,” Axios reported.

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The document proves that just hours before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s capital on Aug. 15, 2021, senior Biden administration officials were still discussing and assigning basic actions involved in a mass civilian evacuation. Outsiders were frustrated and suspicious the administration was having plenty of meetings but was stuck in bureaucratic inertia and lacked urgency until the last minute, Axios pointed out, proving that Biden is not fit to lead.

We know that Biden overestimated the ability of the Afghan military to defend their territory against the Taliban and complicated the situation further, as the leader of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, had personally pleaded with Biden not to do mass evacuations of Afghans earlier in the year.

“America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan added moral injury to military failure. But a group of soldiers, veterans, and ordinary citizens came together to try to save Afghan lives and salvage some American honor.” George Parker wrote for the Atlantic.

What we know is that Biden was desperate to show up President Donald J. Trump, but overriding Trump’s well-planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden and his team allegedly had wanted better political optics than waiting until Trump’s plan of leaving in May because Biden wanted to make political theater of a withdrawal by the marking of the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

From the Axios document, they reported on the hints that point to Biden’s real agenda:

While the word “immediately” peppers the document, it’s clear officials were still scrambling to finalize their plans — on the afternoon of Aug. 14.

For example, they’d just decided they needed to notify local Afghan staff “to begin to register their interest in relocation to the United States,” the document says.

And they were still determining which countries could serve as transit points for evacuees.

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Biden’s messed-up withdrawal from Afghanistan was the beginning of his sinking popularity. At this point, Biden had not recovered from the loss, and it is unclear if there is anything Biden can do to recover.

The Afghanistan crisis still hasn’t ended for many people involved.

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“The Atlantic reported this week that thousands of vulnerable Afghans remain stuck in bureaucratic hell, terrified the Taliban they fought for years will hunt them down,” Axios reported.

Of course, the Biden administration is trying to marginalize the Axios document, claiming it is one document in a month of plans to get out of the area.