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Leaked Video Exposes Who Got Tucker Fired From Fox News

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The reason why Tucker Carlson’s program was pulled from the airwaves in late April remains uncertain, but speculation has been prevalent. Tucker has no trouble making his viewpoint heard, despite the fact that he does not appear on the enormous Fox News network.

According to a report published at the beginning of May, a new network was interested in acquiring him and giving him unlimited creative control.

According to TMZ, Newsmax wants to grant Carlson his own primetime program and give him control over the entire channel’s schedule. Carlson would then have a great deal of authority, including the ability to select future series to broadcast on the network.

“Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the news channel is doing everything it can to sweeten the deal for Tucker to come on board — including floating the idea of letting him program the whole channel, not just his own show. That would be a pretty enticing deal point … in addition to having his own primetime show, Tucker would have a say over what shows lead into and out of his show, which can be key in achieving bigger TV ratings,” according to TMZ.

While that agreement may be in the works, new details about Tucker’s departure from Fox have just been revealed.

James O’Keefe, the originator of Project Veritas, obtained the information through his new media outlet, O’Keefe Media Group, aka OMG (Get it? OMG? Great branding there!), that Tucker was fired as part of the Dominion lawsuit settlement.

Monday, O’Keefe Media Group released an undercover video of a FOX Insider discussing the termination of Tucker Carlson.

Sean Langille, producer of FOX News at Night, informed undercover reporters that the Dominion settlement stipulated Tucker’s dismissal.

Here is a portion of the video’s transcript:

Sean Langille: $744 million to settle that.

Reporter: Oh, that was with the Dominion Company. What happened with that?

Sean Langille: Like, they gave him money. They say it wasn’t part of it, but we’re learning that Tucker getting fired part of that. CONTINUE READING…

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