Lefty Group Launches First Massive Shot To Take Biden Down

Joe Biden had the Democratic Party and liberals on his side during the 2020 elections.

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But since President Biden assumed office in the White House, he has endured a constant series of embarrassing incidents.

In November, Biden will turn 80 years old, and he has made both physical and mental errors during his whole career.

Physically, Biden has often tripped. Walking his dog, he slipped and twisted his ankle.

He tripped on the stairs leading to Air Force One, losing his balance three times while photographers documented the incident.

Biden tumbled from his bicycle while attempting to disembark in June.

His cognitive capacities have been called into question due to his constant speech errors.

On UTube, a running tally of “Biden Gaffes” is maintained, and the White House communications team is apparently burdened with damage management for many of the president’s statements.

Biden’s verbal stumbling, fatigue, and forgetfulness have earned him the media moniker “Sleepy Joe.”

On July 8, when speaking on abortion, Biden read from a teleprompter “end of quote” and “repeat the line.”

However, Biden has been in government for less than two years, and he has not changed substantially since his election to the White House.

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In 2020, Democrats and liberals have sufficient faith in Biden to elect him president of the United States.

But it seems now that confidence is disappearing.

Due to this series of embarrassing public gaffes by Biden, and rumblings in left-wing circles dubious about his chances in another election given his age and cognitive decline.

Biden is now below 33% approval, according to the New York Times.

64% of Democratic voters say they want a new candidate in the 2020 election.

The Times poll said that only 13 percent of American voters said the nation is on the right track, the lowest point in Times polling since the depths of the financial crisis more than a decade ago, the Times noted.

The Times poll revealed that over three-quarters of registered voters in the United States see the country moving in the wrong direction, regardless of the area of the nation, age range, or racial group and in both political parties.

Among fellow Democrats, President Biden’s approval showed 70%, which is a relatively low figure for a president’s approval within his own party.

This is crucial heading into the November midterm elections, as Democrats want to maintain control of Congress, and not lose seats.

Considering that reports are that over a million voters in the U.S. have switched to the Republican Party in the last year this is cause for concern for the Democrats.

The move to the conservative party has spanned 43 states and seems widespread.

So it is not surprising that the far left is now speaking out about their presidential choice.

One such group is RootsAction, a leftist political group that was in support of Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential elections.

The group, having an email list of 1.2 million subscribers, is solidly on the left concerning political issues such as abortion and the environment.

RootsAction was launched in 2011 and its owner is David Swanson.

The website describes itself as “an online initiative dedicated to galvanizing people who are committed
to economic fairness, equal rights for all, civil liberties, environmental protection–and defunding endless wars.”

The site continues in its mission statement, “We will not be silent at President Trump and Congress continue to squander billions of dollars on foreign wars, causing destruction and hatred overseas while failing to meet the needs of the vast majority of people in our country.”

Notably non-partisan, however, the site states, “We will not stand by as people lose their jobs, homes, healthcare and income due to corporatist policies abetted by both major parties,” and “we will take action – independent of both party leaderships.”

RootsAction has now announced it is launching a campaign to prevent President Joe Biden from being the Democratic nominee for president in 2024.

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The formerly pro-Biden group now claims he is too “moderate” on important issues, according to the new website. “Biden appears to be dithering while progressive achievements just go out the window, from abortion rights to the Clean Air Act,” RootsAction cofounder Jeff Cohen said.

RootsAction calls Biden “neither bold nor inspiring” and believes that nominating him again would be a “tragic mistake,” according to Politico. RootsAction started a website, DontRunJoe.org, to bolster its efforts and fight what it calls “the threat of a neofascist GOP.”

RootsAction claims endorsements by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Frances Fox Piven, Phil Donahue, Sonali Kolhatkar, and others.

The group is planning to spend at least $100,000 on ads after the midterm elections to promote the effort to “dump Biden,” reports Just The News.