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Legal Experts Point Out A Very Sketchy Detail In Hunter’s Puzzling Plea Deal

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Hunter Biden’s long-awaited indictment marked the beginning of the unraveling of the Biden family’s corruption, but those who desire transparency and justice were dismayed by the plea bargain negotiated between Hunter Biden’s legal team and the Department of Justice. It appeared that Hunter would be exonerated of the majority of allegations.

This week, however, the federal judge overseeing Hunter Biden’s case on tax fraud and gun charges questioned whether federal prosecutors would include other crimes in the agreement, such as potential charges related to failing to register as a foreign agent for the purpose of representing foreign corporations.

As soon as it became clear that Hunter Biden could still face these charges as part of the government’s ongoing investigation, his attorneys rejected the original plea agreement.

Now, legal experts closely examining the negotiations and the agreement are considering the ramifications of the agreement’s wording in relation to the Biden Department of Justice’s reputation.

Legal experts examining the details of the agreement told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the arrangement exempted the son of President Joe Biden from responsibility for many future crimes, and that his attorneys could have argued that foreign agent registration was covered by certain clauses.

Julianne Murray, attorney for the Heritage Foundation and chair of the Delaware Republican Party, told the Caller that the Statement of Facts, which contained every allegation that would be expunged with the plea agreement, contained clauses favorable to future commercial criminal activity.

“It’s talking about income from Chinese partners, Ukraine, Romania—there’s a lot of information in there,” she told the DCNF. “I do think the statement of facts was broad and favored the defense.”

Will Scharf, a former federal prosecutor, said the plea agreement was “purposely written to include his foreign influence peddling operations in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere.”

“In an apparent effort to shield Hunter from a new administration, which might try to throw out the pretrial diversion agreement by claiming that Hunter had violated his probation terms, they included a provision — which they admitted was entirely novel, with no precedent — stating that the government could not deem Hunter to have violated the agreement without first proving up violations in front of the judge,” Scharf wrote, referring to the DOJ’s proposed agreement.

In the Statement of Facts, federal prosecutors make specific reference to the suspicious business transactions identified by multiple institutions and forwarded to the Treasury Department as part of the investigation by House Republicans into business activity by members of the president’s family.

Prosecutors write:

“Just under $1 million from a company he formed with the CEO of a Chinese business conglomerate; $666,666 from his domestic business interests; approximately $664,000 from a Chinese infrastructure investment company; $500,000 in director’s fees from a Ukrainian energy company; $70,000 relating to a Romanian business; and $48,000 from the multi-national law firm” in 2017.

“Certainly a significant portion of the Statement of Facts” was related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, wrote attorney Sol Wisenberg on Twitter. “This is not normal.”

Now, Hunter Biden’s legal team must conclude a new plea agreement in less than 30 days. The embattled first son is under intense pressure to do so, as a jury trial entails a “real risk” of prison time for tax and firearms charges that have landed others in Delaware in prison.

The New York Post writes, “With the text of Hunter Biden’s plea deal now public, it’s no longer possible to deny that the Justice Department’s been bending over backward to protect the Biden family – including President Joe Biden.”

As to why the DOJ would extend such an agreement in the first place, the Post observes that there are undoubtedly more crimes to be uncovered within the Biden family, and that Joe Biden’s protection is a priority for the DOJ.

“Obviously, if prosecutors and agents did want to uncover Biden family corruption, they wouldn’t have precluded additional charges,” the Post notes.

“Certainly a significant portion of the Statement of Facts” was related to Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, wrote attorney Sol Wisenberg on Twitter. “This is not normal.”

Bill Shipley, a former federal prosecutor, added on Twitter that he believes the Statement of Facts was drafted by Hunter Biden’s attorneys and adopted almost verbatim by David Weiss’s attorneys.

The New York Post also reported that an insider said “the FBI was never shown the plea agreement before it was submitted to the court, a shocking break with usual practice,” and that the insider continued that “FBI leaders would have objected to the deal as far too lenient if they had seen it.”

With Joe Biden facing impeachment, it appears that the Biden family is reaching at whatever straws they can to save themselves.

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