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Liberal Co-Host is Left Shaken After Judge Pirro’s Epic Slap-Back

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Tulsi Gabbard, a well-known former Hawaii Democrat congressman, announced her departure from the socialist party. Gabbard also ran for president in the 2020 Democratic primary, which Joe Biden ultimately won.

This week, Gabbard appeared on a part of Fox’s “The Five.” The topic of discussion was her departure and its potential influence on the upcoming midterm elections, which might determine the fate of the nation.

The panel examined the approaching election’s chances and significance.

During the conversation, Judge Jeanine Pirro assaulted Jessica Tarlov, a token leftist who appears on The Five and other Fox shows. Tarlov is a frequent guest on The Five and other Fox programs.

Here is a transcript of the monumental defeat:

PERINO: “All right, let’s go to Jessica Tarlov. So, maybe not a complete surprise that she would have decided to leave, but she didn’t announce she’s becoming a Republican, but she is leaving the Democratic Party. You’re down one.”TARLOV: “Down one. We were already down that one, and probably everybody else who says they’re Democrat and are supporting her online or tuning in — I think that’s part of a show that she will have, this new like 30-minute show. Tulsi Gabbard hasn’t been a Democrat for a very long time. And it’s not because I am pissed off that she criticized the 2016 primary process and upset Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. She has been vindictive and spiteful and angry towards Democrats. She has attacked our infrastructure. She’s — I thought, certainly in the last primary, the 2020 primary, that she would have been a lot happier if Donald Trump ended up winning. She does things that are completely inexplicable. I am certainly not going to sit here and say she has any direct ties to Russia, but I don’t know how you end up in position they refer to you as ‘our girlfriend’ on Russian state TV.”

GUTFELD: “You can’t control that!”

TARLOV: “Yes, you can. You can control what you say.”

GUTFELD: “How? Go to Russia and tell them, ‘Please don’t say those things?’”

TARLOV: “No, you can do things like not go on television and say that what we’re doing here in the U.S., in terms of the free press, isn’t that different from what’s going on in Russia. They throw people, journalists, out windows in Russia. What happens here, maybe you don’t get to ask your question? She went to visit Assad in 2017 without telling the party leadership, and came back and said that the people that she met supported him. This is someone guilty of terrible war crimes. Steve Bannon liked her so much that he had to get her a Trump Tower meeting right after he won the election. Why would Steve Bannon take such a shining to Tulsi?”

GUTFELD: “So — that’s so cheap.”

TARLOV: “What?”

GUTFELD: “What you’re trying to do, first you do it with Russia, now with Bannon. What you’re saying is, if somebody else likes you, that’s on you. I can’t help it. I have some fans that can be kind of strange. That ain’t my fault.”

TARLOV: “Steve Bannon isn’t just kind of strange. If you’re a Democratic official and Steve Bannon and Donald Trump think that you’re aces and they want to meet with you and maybe consider you for being in the administration, you are doing something wrong.”

GUTFELD: “It is not Joe Biden’s fault that Joy Reid likes him, but Joy Reid is a nut case.” CONTINUE READING…

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