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Liberal GoFundMe Takes Huge Action on Fundraisers for Arizona Rancher Being Held on $1 Million Bond

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Left-leaning GoFundMe has taken a stance on the fundraising efforts for a 73-year-old Arizona rancher who is being detained on $1 Million Bond for allegedly murdering an illegal immigrant who was trespassing on his land.

A fundraising campaign for rancher George Alan Kelly is still running on the Christian crowdsourcing portal GiveSendGo. And his public lawyer looks to be sitting on her hands and not arguing for Kelly and his rights, observing as he is mistreated by an out-of-control judicial system that prioritizes the rights of illegal immigrants over those of American residents and the protection of their families and property.

According to local news, neighborhood members are phoning law police to voice their indignation.

“Neighbors say that he had been having difficulty keeping invaders out and say that Mr. Kelly would have acted in good faith,” the fundraiser’s organizer, Shannon Pritchard, wrote. “It is a tragedy that a simple farmer, who should be protected by the government has been abandoned and had to defend himself.”

Pritchard said that the decision to detain Kelly on a $1 million bail is “purely political.” Thursday at noon, the campaign had raised more than $10,500.

In a statement Thursday to Fox News Digital, GiveSendGo co-founder Heather Wilson wrote, “This is exactly why GiveSendGo exists. To allow people to have a voice and gain support in times of need. At this time [we] do not know any more than what is being shared on the news, but we do know that in our country a legal defense is not just for the wealthy. We will continue to allow the raising of funds for legal defense on GiveSendGo, as the presumption of innocent until proven guilty is a bedrock to our Justice system.”

“We understand we are not the judge and jury; we will not take down campaigns based on own biases,” Wilson added. “We will be praying for all involved.”

GiveSendGo earned popularity for facilitating contributions for Kyle Rittenhouse and the so-called “Freedom Convoy” of truckers protesting COVID-19-related restrictions in Canada.

Monday, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office stated that Kelly had been detained and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the January 30 killing of a man officials suspect to be Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, 48, based on the Mexican voter registration card he had. The incident occurred on Kelly and his wife’s cattle ranch near Nogales, Arizona, on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Santa Cruz County employees are receiving hostile, and at times racist, phone calls in response to the case of a Kino Springs man accused of the first-degree murder of a Mexican citizen, according to the Sheriff’s Office, according to NogalesInternational.

Chief Deputy Gerardo Castillo stated that workers at the Sheriff’s Office, county courtroom, and main building had received hostile calls from Kelly supporters since then.

“It’s just people calling, and, you know, expressing themselves. Cussing us out, basically,” Castillo told the NI on Thursday afternoon.

One caller told Castillo he “sounded Hispanic” and added, “So I hope your family gets killed.”

The Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of “harassing” emails and phone calls received at the courtroom on Wednesday, according to the dispatch log.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Speaking Thursday, Court Administrator Paulina Lopez did not disclose details about the calls, or even confirm they were related to the Kelly case.

However, she said: “We have been receiving questionable communications that are not always welcoming.” CONTINUE READING…

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