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Liberal Media And Trump Join Forces

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A group of liberal media entities have joined forces with former president Donald Trump in a legal appeal to combat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s efforts to restrict public access to the evidence that will be used in his trial against Trump.

The letter, which was written, signed, and reported by NBC News, was cited by the president’s legal counsel in opposition to “requiring the advance sealing or redaction of court filings or their exhibits in this case.”

Susan Necheles, Joe Tacopina, and Todd Blanche wrote to New York state Judge Juan Merchan, who is supervising the trial, “We similarly oppose any Order which would require any Party to seek consent from the opposing party before filing any motion in unredacted form on the public docket,”

The former president’s most recent action is a continuation of his earlier request to prevent Bragg from restricting Trump’s access to the evidence used against him.

DA Bragg has filed 34 felony charges alleging that the president concealed business and campaign finance documents when he instructed his former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen to pay $130,000 to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to settle allegations of an affair just days before the 2016 election.

The trial, which is scheduled to begin next year, will receive extensive media coverage alongside President Trump’s reelection campaign. By collaborating with liberal media channels, the former president has made a conscious decision to be exposed to any unfavorable developments in the Bragg case.

Trump uses the mainstream media as a shield routinely and is likely to do so again if his interests shift.

Recently, the Democratic prosecutor consented to a subpoena from House Republicans requiring a former attorney in his office to testify regarding why Bragg initially decided not to prosecute Trump before changing his mind earlier this year. As he prepares for court, DA Bragg’s clandestine actions are not limited to sealing evidence.

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