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Liberals In FULL MELTDOWN Over Huge News Trump Just Got

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President Donald J. Trump’s account may be reinstated as soon as Monday, and the left is furious and throwing temper tantrums in response. This is because Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, has taken control of the firm and fired the top usurpers.

Just hours after Musk completed the $44 billion deal last night, Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, and senior lawyer Vijaya Gadde were fired.

The newly wealthy Twitter team should make everyone very pleased, right?

The platform’s co-founder Biz Stone quickly took to Twitter to thank them for their ‘collective contribution to Twitter’, adding ‘Massive talents, all, and beautiful humans each!’

In an effort to further purge the organization, Sarah Personette, the chief customer officer, and general counsel Sean Edgett were also fired.

Bloomberg reported that Musk will take over as CEO, however it may only be a temporary position.

The fired Twitter executives were hastily shuttled from the building, sources told The Washington Post. Billionaire Musk is set to hold a company-wide town hall meeting today,” The Daily Mail reported, adding:

“Twitter’s engineers could no longer make changes to code as of noon yesterday in San Francisco, part of an effort to ensure that nothing about the product changed ahead of the deal closing. In a securities filing on April 14, Musk said he did not have confidence in Twitter’s management and initially vowed to sack 75 percent of the workforce when he formally bought the tech giant.”

Rob Reiner, in particular, expressed how devastated the left felt after Trump’s comeback:

After serving as CEO for little less a year, Agrawal, who has frequently sparred with Musk over the amount of users Twitter has, will leave his position with $42 million.

Following Jack Dorsey’s retirement in November of last year, he was given the top job, and his total salary for 2021 was $30.4 million, the majority of which came through stock awards.

When news of Musk’s takeover initially surfaced in April, Twitter’s former top attorney Gadde, who earned $17 million in 2021, was reportedly inconsolable. According to Insider, she has already received $12.5 million compensation for her hardships.

After being let go by Musk on Thursday night, ex-CFO Segal, the brains behind Mr. Trump’s Twitter ban, also received the lucrative sum of $25.4 million.

A $11.2 million check was also given to the former CCO Personette as part of Musk’s house clearing.

When Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO in November 2021, Agrawal succeeded him.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

He has frequently clashed with Musk over Twitter’s user numbers, with Musk claiming the social media platform exaggerates how many users it has and downplays the number of spam accounts, fakes or bots.

Agrawal insisted that only around 5 percent of Twitter’s accounts were bots, which infuriated Musk. Musk responded to Agrawal’s lengthy explanation of their calculations with a ‘poop’ emoji. CONTINUE READING…

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