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Lindsey Graham Calls for Strikes Against Iran if Hamas Crosses His Red Line

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If Hamas harms detainees, Iran’s oil facilities should be attacked, according to South Carolina Republican Senator Lind righty Graham.

According to CBS News, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel on Saturday, murdering at least 900 people and seizing over 100 captives, including at least nine Americans. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, pledged that Israel’s reprisal to the attack would “reverberate for generations.”

“For every Israeli or American hostage executed by Hamas we should take down an Iranian oil refinery,” Graham said after he was told by “America Reports” co-host Sandra Smith about threats by Hamas to execute hostages in retaliation for airstrikes. “The only way you’re going to keep this war from escalating is to hold Iran accountable. How much more death and destruction do we have to take from the Iranian regime? I am confident this was planned and funded by the Iranians.”

Following the assault, social media videos depicted Hamas terrorists abducting Israelis and removing the bodies of some of those slain.

“Hamas is a bunch of animals who deserve to be treated like animals,” Graham continued. “So, if I was Israel, I would go in the ground, there is no truce to be had here. … This is the best opportunity Israel has to destroy Hamas. Take it to the Iranians. If you harm one American in Syria by using your Iranian militia against us in Syria, if you escalate the war by urging Hezbollah to attack Israel in the north, if Hamas kills one American or Israeli hostage, we are going to blow up your oil refineries and put you out of business. It is now time to take the war to the ayatollah’s backyard.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted on X, formerly, Twitter that Israel would “definitely be eradicated” days before the fatal attack.

Graham criticized the Biden administration for its lack of Israel support. President Joe Biden drew criticism for hosting a barbeque Sunday afternoon while the attack was still in progress, prompting the White House to proclaim a cap before noon on Monday.

“Cloak the White House tonight in the Israeli flag,” Graham told “America Reports” co-host John Roberts. “You did it for pride month, I want to see the Israeli flag over the White House. The Brandenburg Gate has the Israeli flag. The Sydney music hall — opera house has the flag. Number 10 Downing has the Israeli flag.”

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