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Liz Cheney Should Be Sued For Crimes Against Our Justice System

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The Rhino-Left axis of evil in the United States, who refuse to respect ‘MAGA’ Americans’ civil liberties in order to achieve their political utopia of control, has been repeatedly exposed, and this is yet another illustration of how immoral, unethical, and downright criminal their fantasies of dominating free Americans are.

The events of Jan. 6 at the US Capitol, which resulted in the imprisonment of several innocent Americans as political prisoners in DC prisons at the hands of radical far-leftist Muriel Bowser, were exposed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson when he played police cam footage that exonerated at least one man who had been held for 14 months.

Carlson has followed up on one man’s suffering since the clarification video was aired, and what has happened to him is simply another proof of how rotten the Democrats are.

Carlson thinks that “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley should sue Liz Cheney “for the crime she perpetrated against him and against our legal system.”

“The Biden administration is demanding that Chansley serve another six months in a halfway house just to make sure his life is destroyed,” Carlson reported recently.

“Let’s hope that when he finally gets out, he has the energy to sue Liz Cheney of UVA for the crime she committed against him and against our justice system,” Carlson added, going on further:

“Jacob Chansley often called the QAnon Shaman got out of prison yesterday. Chansley was the single most famous person arrested on January 6th. Video of him standing in costume on the floor of the senate played endlessly on cable news it made him a symbol of what they told us was an insurrection.”

“Former George W Bush advisor Steve Schmidt is a committed gun confiscationist, he claims to hate firearms but in the case of Jacob Chansley, Schdimt was strongly in favor of pulling the trigger,” the host said before he played a video of Schmidt calling for Chansley to be shot.

“Shoot him. On the basis of frothing media coverage like that Jacob Chansley spent more than two years behind bars. Earlier this month, we obtained video that had been hidden by the January 6th committee that proved Jacob Chansley did nothing wrong,” the host said.

“He was standing on the floor of the US Senate because Capitol Police led him there. Armed officers literally opened the door of the Senate and brought him inside. Jacob Chansley is not a criminal; Jacob Chansley is a political prisoner. Yet unfortunately, tonight, he remains one,” he said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“The Biden administration demands that Chansley serve another six months in a halfway house to ensure his life is destroyed. Let’s hope that when he finally gets… CONTINUE READING…

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