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Liz Cheney Tries to Shame Conservatives with Overplayed Jan. 6 Video, Then Mike Lee Asks the One Question She’s Terrified to Answer

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If former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney is as Republican or conservative as she professes to be, she certainly has a peculiar manner of expressing it.

The troubled former representative has developed into an antagonistic figure within the Republican Party due to her persistent denigration of her own political party.

(She was never going to be embraced by Democrats en masse due to both the “R” and the last name it’s next to.)

Friday marked the most recent and tiresome instance of Cheney’s ongoing decline into a woman without a political party, as the former vice chair of the January 6 Committee was compelled to comment on the explosive video dump led by the new House speaker, Mike Johnson.

And in typical Cheney fashion, she did so with a sly undertone:

WARNING: The following clip contains imagery that some viewers may find disturbing

“Here’s some January 6th video for you,” Cheney said in her X post, with the remark clearly suggesting that Johnson’s bombshell revelation was more whimper than a bang.

There has been considerable discourse among conservatives, Republicans, and individuals who do not uncritically support the Democratic Party regarding the non-zero probability that something peculiar or suspicious was involved in the January 6 incursion into the Capitol. The dominant theory posits that federal agent plantings played a significant role in igniting and precipitating the incursion.

Given the lack of transparency exhibited by Cheney and her committee colleagues on January 6, it is unsurprising that vested interests were drawn to this new video leak.

Utah Senator Cheney’s unsubtle dig at those who care about the transparency of January 6 did not go unnoticed. On X, Mike Lee immediately criticized Cheney.

“Liz, we’ve seen footage like that a million times,” Lee posted. “You made sure we saw that — and nothing else. It’s the other stuff — what you deliberately hid from us — that we find so upsetting. Nice try.

“P.S. How many of these guys are feds? (As if you’d ever tell us).”

To her limited credit, Cheney maintained her composure during the verbal altercation and provided a response to Lee.

“Hey @BasedMikeLee – heads up,” Cheney said in her response post. “A nutball conspiracy theorist appears to be posting from your account.”

Lee, looking for the proverbial knockout shot, responded to Cheney’s denigrating post with a simple question that he knew she couldn’t answer:

“Shouldn’t the J6 committee have been demanding answers to this question?” Lee posted, linking to an exclusive from the New York Post that cited an ex-official who claimed that the “FBI lost count of how many paid informants” were at the Capitol on Jan. 6, and required an “audit” to get the final tally.

Look, if you want to argue that this line of questioning is “conspiratorial” or something only “nutballs” would indulge — fine, have at it.

That doesn’t change the fact that Lee’s question — the very same one so many Americans have — remains unanswered.

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