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Longtime NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre Announces Shocking News

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On Friday, Wayne LaPierre, who has held the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association since 1991, made public his intention to tender his resignation. Attorney General Letitia James of New York is about to file charges against LaPierre and three high-ranking subordinates on suspicion of violating state and federal laws through the misappropriation of NRA charitable funds for personal gain. These charges coincide with LaPierre’s declaration.

Fox News obtained the NRA’s press release regarding the matter, in which LaPierre stated, “With pride in all that we have accomplished, I am announcing my resignation from the NRA. I’ve been a card-carrying member of this organization for most of my adult life, and I will never stop supporting the NRA and its fight to defend Second Amendment freedom. My passion for our cause burns as deeply as ever.”

Presidential of the NRA Charles Cotton stated during a board meeting in Irving, Texas, that LaPierre, 74, made his decision due to health concerns. As of January 31st, Andrew Arulanandam will undertake the responsibilities of interim CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA, effective with LaPierre’s departure.

Cotton announced in a press release the following:

“On behalf of the NRA Board of Directors, I thank Wayne LaPierre for his service. Wayne has done as much to protect Second Amendment freedom as anyone. Wayne is a towering figure in the fight for constitutional freedom, but one of his other talents is equally important: he built an organization that is bigger than him. Under the direction of Andrew Arulanandam, the NRA will continue to thrive – with a renewed energy in our business operations and grassroots advocacy. Our future is bright and secure.”

The release stated, in reference to the impending litigation from New York State, “The NRA continues its defense of a lawsuit by the New York Attorney General, and LaPierre is an individual defendant in that action. It is well-known that the NYAG vowed to pursue the NRA when she was a candidate for her office and, upon being elected, filed a lawsuit to dissolve the Association in August 2020. Trial proceedings in that case begin Monday.”

Much conjecture surrounds LaPierre’s motivations. In a post on X:, LouderWithCrowder Studios commentator Mrgunsngear endorsed the development.

“1. Thank God 2. Why do y’all think he’s resigning? Plea deal in NY? Forced out due to tremendous drop in funds? Finally had enough $3K suits paid for by members?”

According to The New York Times, libertarian Nicholas Sarwark, “Membership has plummeted from nearly six million five years ago to 4.2 million today. Revenue is down 44 percent since 2016, according to internal audits, and legal costs have soared to tens of millions a year.”

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