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Look What Biden Was Just Busted Selling At The Border Wall…

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The border wall Donald Trump constructed between Mexico and the United States is being dismantled, disposed of, and auctioned off by the Biden administration.

Components of the border wall, including “thick wall tubes,” have been auctioned off on GovPlanet since April 2022.

In addition to validating the allegations, the Pentagon admitted to selling “wall materials.”

Additional evidence that the Biden administration is unconcerned with border security.

According to a statement by Pentagon spokesperson Raini Brunson, “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is disposing of excess border wall materials in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation,” as reported by the New York Post.

The Department of Defense instructed GovPlanet not to mention Trump when advertising wall materials.

“We are legally not allowed to mention these are the border wall materials, or we could lose our jobs,” a GovPlanet source revealed. “But that’s what they are—110 percent.”

“USACE has already transferred approximately $154 million worth of the roughly $260 million of bollard panels and other materials in accordance with standard excess property disposition procedures. USACE stands ready to implement a decision regarding the disposition of the remaining materials,” Brunson said in further comments.

The supervisor of Yuma County, Jonathan Lines, expressed his displeasure with the Biden administration’s choice, particularly since he had expected them to patch the breaches in Arizona’s border wall.

The Department of Homeland Security had previously disclosed plans to close the breaches at Yuma’s Morelos Dam, which has been a problematic entry point for illegal immigrants.

“The wall closing off the gaps at the dam is still under construction,” Lines told The Daily Caller.

“Everything to complete the wall was already in place on the ground and purchased, and now they have gone out and redesigned the enclosures for the gaps. This is an example of government waste at its finest,” he added.

“They have been using a different product, but our panels in Yuma that are complete are still there,” Lines added.

This occurs during the present surge in unauthorized immigration to the United States.

Between June and July, the number of illegal border crossings along the U.S.-Mexico frontier increased by 33%.

The administration has compensated 20 private landowners at project sites to retain 20,000 additional border wall components.

According to Fox News, additional costs associated with the storage of border wall materials included overhead lighting, electrical and drainage supplies, and security cameras.

In a letter to Melissa Dalton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and hemispheric affairs, members of the Republican Senate Armed Forces Committee outlined the issue.

“Every day, the Department of Defense pays $130,000 to store, maintain, and secure these materials,” the senators stated in their letter.

“Since you were sworn in as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Hemispheric Affairs a year ago, you have allowed the Department to pay over $47 million to store these panels,” they said.

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