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Look What Kid Rock Was Caught Selling at His Bar After Using Machine Gun to Shoot Up Boxes of Bud Light: Report

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Is Kid Rock serious about dumping Bud Light?

On social media, the conservative musician has made his sentiments about the brand crystal clear, but a report published on Wednesday appears to cast doubt on this.

In a May-released video, Rock was seen igniting Bud Light cases with a fully-automatic MP5 submachine gun.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that could disturb some readers.

The video was produced in response to the marketing agreement between Bud Light and transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

“F*** Bud Light, and f*** Anheuser-Busch!” Rock said in what amounted to a declaration of economic war.

Rock did not specify in the video whether he would remove Bud Light from his restaurant.

A nationwide boycott of Bud Light has resulted in the end of the brand’s reign as the best-selling American beer, with competitors consuming the beer’s market shares and conservative consumers unwilling to finance Mulvaney’s promotion.

The audiences at Kid Rock’s concerts have voiced their opposition to Bud Light, expressing a preference for other beers.

According to Newsweek, despite Kid Rock’s act of defiance against the beverage, he continues to sell it at his Nashville, Tennessee restaurant.

The restaurant’s menu continues to list Bud Light as a domestic beverage option.

One client told Newsweek that a waitress informed him that the light beer boycott was only transitory.

“I mentioned it to the waitress. She said they actually stopped selling it for a week right after [Kid Rock’s video], then started selling it again,” the customer said, according to the publication.

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