Major Ballot Disaster Explodes Ahead Of Midterms

With weeks before a major August primary, Arizona’s election mistakes are getting worse for voters who hoped that the 2022 elections would be different from the 2020 elections in the state and who wanted to have a fair process.

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According to media reports, a massive ballot dump in one major country where people are being encouraged to possibly vote twice is causing chaos already.

The state was instrumental in the chaos of the 2020 election being called for Democrat Joe Biden, with many people suspicious still over Arizona’s tally at that time. And under radical leftist state leadership, it looks like 2022 will be a mess.

After early ballots were mailed to Pinal County residents, a significant mistake was detected on the ballots. More than half of those ballots have either the wrong municipal elections listed or the municipal elections for that voters are completely missing.

“It’s a terrible time to make that mistake. It was a human error,” Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer said, and the solution he told news media was for voters ” don’t wait for us to fix it. Just mail in your ballot.”

The error will affect more than 63,000 early voters.

“This mistake affects city and town elections and seven municipalities, though the plan is now on hold in part because it might be illegal,” the local news reported.

According to the county attorney, “our messages go vote. Now, if you receive a ballot, fill it out. If you are on the permanent early voter list, fill out your ballot, send it in, do not wait on us. We are still working on a solution. The primary election day is just three weeks away on August 2nd.”

Local AZ news reported that “some Pinal County residents will have to file a second ballot after a “human error” caused 60,000 bad ballots to be sent out last week.”

As a result, Pinal County elections director David Frisk is taking full responsibility for the mistake. “This was not a system glitch or a computer error or anything nefarious. It was no fault of anyone in the recorder’s office; it’s my mistake,” Frisk said.

“He says the wrong information was entered into the computer system that creates the ballots. Because of the error, voters in seven cities and towns in Pinal County received early ballots missing their local municipal races. The cities and towns included were Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Eloy, Mammoth, Maricopa, Queen Creek and Superior,” according to AZ Family

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“At this point, while it is not a perfect solution, we believe this to be the best solution. That solution is to send out to all permanent early voters who requested an early ballot to be mailed a new ballot exclusively containing municipal races in the seven affected jurisdictions,” Volkmer said.

The Western Journal reported that voters in those areas who want to vote in municipal elections must send in a second ballot.

Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said. “The Secretary of State’s Office will continue to support Pinal County in correcting this issue and ensuring that all voters have a chance to cast a ballot in the appropriate elections.”

Republican Mark Finchem, the candidate for Secretary of State, slammed Hobbs over her response:

“The Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, signed off on the Pinal County ballots that did not have municipal offices on them. This is unacceptable behavior and performance,” Finchem posted in response.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office said after what it called an “extensive” investigation, the elections system in place in blameless for the problem.

The news of the ballot dump comes at the same time the media is reporting a tightening in the polls for the Republican candidate for Governor.

Center Square reported:

“A statewide poll of likely Republican primary voters from HighGround Public Affairs shows that it’s a close race between former TV anchor Kari Lake and Arizona Strategies president Karrin Taylor-Robson.

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Although Lake, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, is leading in the poll, Robson is within striking distance. Lake earned 39% support of those surveyed, while Robson received 35.3%. The poll found that 19.2% still considered themselves undecided in the race.”

For Robson, it has been a meteoric rise in the polls. In the April HighGround poll, she trailed Lake by nearly 20 points (30.3% to 9.5%). Robson apparently has been aided by former U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon’s decision to drop out of the race and endorse her.

“Momentum appears to be building for Karrin Taylor Robson as early ballots drop,” Chuck Coughlin, president and CEO of HighGround, said in a news release. “Lake has held a fairly steady number for months buoyed by loyal Trump supporters, but she does not appear to be growing her base. She has stayed true to the narrow constituency that made her a front-runner in the first place. Robson, on the other hand, appears to be picking up the bulk of the Salmon supporters, undecided, and unaffiliated voters are trending her way. There’s a path to victory here, but it’s likely to be close.”