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Major Discovery Found In Search For Missing Titanic Submersible

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A Canadian P-3 maritime surveillance aircraft detected “underwater noises” in the area where search and rescue personnel are looking for the missing Titan submersible, which vanished while journeying with five crewmembers towards the Titanic’s wreckage.

“The sounds from underneath the water were heard by sonar devices deployed to find the lost 21-foot submersible. The banging sounds came every 30 minutes when first detected Tuesday and were heard again four hours later,” CNN said, quoting the memo.

According to the US Coast Guard, “Canadian P-3 aircraft detected underwater noises in the search area. As a result, ROV operations were relocated in an attempt to explore the origin of the noises. Those ROV searches have yielded negative results but continue.”

In a subsequent tweet, the organization added, “Additionally, the data from the P-3 aircraft has been shared with our US Navy experts for further analysis which will be considered in future search plans.”

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the Boston Coast Guard both declined to comment on the reported “banging” noises. The Department of Homeland Security and the United States Fleet Forces Command did not respond to requests for comment.

The Canadian surveillance plane searching for the missing submersible “detected underwater noises in the search area” early Wednesday morning, according to a tweet from the United States Coast Guard.

Sonar reportedly detected potential ‘tapping noises’ at the location at 2:00 a.m. local time, suggesting the personnel may be alive and signaling. The Boston Coast Guard, which is in command of the rescue operations, did not respond promptly to a request for comment regarding the alleged tapping noises.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The group was advised to get in touch with the Society’s representatives over the use of privately manufactured remote-controlled vehicles made in the UK because two Society members were reportedly on board the Titan.

In the email, it was said that “A team out of the UK named Magellan has an ROV rated for 6,000 meters which is loaded on a plane and ready and waiting to help.” However, the USCG and US Government have not yet granted them permission to take part. Questions on the depth grading of the ROVs now being used in the search operations or the suggestion to use the products of the UK company have gone unanswered by the Boston Coast Guard. CONTINUE READING…

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