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Maricopa County Election Judge Believes the Machines Were Programmed to Reject Ballots on Election Day

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According to the lapdog media and their cronies, it is too early to call the nation’s final unresolved governor’s race, which became even tighter on Sunday when Democrat Katie Hobbs’ advantage over Republican Kari Lake shrunk in Arizona. Particular attention is being paid to votes placed in a container labeled “Door 3” that could not be read by polling machines due to insufficient ink.

As of Sunday, election authorities were pushing on, and a report from an outspoken election judge in Maricopa County cast doubt on the methods of the machines, suggesting that the confusion observed on election day must have been deliberate.

According to Boston.com, “Hobbs led by 26,000 votes, a 1-point margin, down about 10,000 votes from a day earlier.”

“Maricopa County has begun processing the so-called “Box 3″ ballots that were mistakenly printed too light for the tabulators to read,” CBS News stated, adding:

“County officials said those 17,000 ballots were brought into the tabulation room Thursday afternoon to begin the counting process. On Election Day, printing equipment at 70 polling places were mistakenly printing ballots with marks that were not dark enough for the tabulating machines to read.

Voters had the choice of placing those ballots in the box beneath the machine, which came to be known as “Box 3” or “Door 3.”

At the time, election authorities stated that the tabulating machinery at the county election headquarters should be able to read these ballots.

The county previously stated that they intended to have between 95 and 99 percent of the ballots counted by Friday, but stated during a news conference on Thursday that the “goalposts have moved.” With a record amount of unprocessed votes, county election authorities anticipate counting to continue until early next week.

Jim Hoft reported about the election judge and what she said she saw happen on Tuesday:

“Michele Swinick was an election judge in Maricopa County on election day last week. Following the election, Michele stepped forward to discuss what she experienced in Maricopa County on Election Day.

Michele worked at a center in a heavily Republican district. According to Michele, the tabulators worked perfectly well the night before the election. Then on Election Day, they quit working. Only 1 in 10 ballots were accepted through the tabulators. The officials were told to put the defective ballots into a different section called “Door 3.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Michele believes this was all planned. The election officials knew that Republicans were going to come out in force on election day as they did in the primary. This was a planned operation.”

UncoverDC reported:

Election judge Michele Swinick has come forward to report what she experienced in Maricopa County on Election Day. She worked Election Day as a judge at the Islamic Voting Center in Scottsdale, AZ. She reports that the center is heavily Republican, with “no party” designated voters as the second most populous demographic, followed by very few democrat voters, evidenced by the fact that she checked in very few of them on Election Day. She reports she spent the entire day checking in voters. CONTINUE READING…

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