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Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Alarming Announcement

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In Congress, the impeachment of President Joe Biden has moved slowly.

Late in July, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy indicated that the GOP-controlled House was possibly preparing to launch an impeachment investigation against Vice President Joe Biden in light of a massive amount of evidence provided by multiple whistleblowers to various House committees accusing the president and his son of engaging in a series of corrupt practices, including accepting millions of dollars in bribes.

The quantity of evidence is overwhelming, and at least one Republican is taking the initiative, frustrated by the sluggish pace of the House, to insist that the president’s impeachment process proceed.

In addition, she is willing to actively defend former President Donald Trump from further prosecution.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene issued an ultimatum to her fellow House Republicans on Thursday, demanding that they move to shield former President Trump from ongoing prosecutions, as she views these actions as highly partisan.

Thursday evening during a town hall-style event in her district in Floyd County, Georgia, the Republican congresswoman announced she would not vote to fund the government if House Republican leaders did not move to have articles of impeachment filed against Vice President Joe Biden and do more to protect President Donald Trump from federal prosecutions.

“I’ve already decided I will not vote to fund the government unless we have passed an impeachment inquiry on Joe Biden,” Taylor Greene told the audience, to applause.

“I will not fund the government because I will not fund the weaponized part of the government. I’m not going to continue to fund the Biden regime’s weaponized government. So there should be no funding for Jack Smith. Special Counsel,” she said. “We had to fire David Weiss, who is protecting Hunter Biden on his special counsel. And we have to rein in the FBI. I will not vote for money to go towards those things.

“I will not vote for a continuing resolution that funds mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and COVID. Because that is over. Joe Biden even declared that is over,” she added.

“And lastly, my red line in the sand has always been, I will not vote to fund a war in Ukraine. We have to have peace,” she said. “So I will be happy to work with all of my colleagues. I will work with the Speaker of the House. I will work with everyone, but I will not fund those things. And I thought it was most important for me to tell you all first because I work for you. And that’s that’s what we have to do.”

She is drawing a line for fellow Republicans with impeachment, efforts to neutralize Trump’s campaign, covid mandates, and Ukraine funding. Now we must determine who agrees with her and who adheres to the party line.

As additional evidence concerning President Biden’s connections to Hunter Biden’s illicit activities is revealed, he makes these statements. CONTINUE READING…

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