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Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Shocking Admission About 2024 Plans

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Speculation on whether former President Donald Trump would seek for the president again in 2024 has spawned speculation regarding his running partner.

Recent news coverage appears to be centered on one individual: New York Representative Elise Stefanik, the current No. 3 member of her party.

In a September Foreign Policy article headlined “Elise Stefanik Is Most Likely to Succeed,” the writers explain, “A young woman once hailed as the future of the Republican Party embraces Trumpism to stay that way.”

“At 30 years old, Stefanik had been the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress in 2014. At a time when the party sought to reach a younger and more diverse pool of voters, she was hailed as the future of the Republican Party,” the report begins.

“Having hitched her cart firmly to Trump, Stefanik looks to have as bright a future within the Republican Party as when she was first elected to Congress eight years ago. She endorsed his still hypothetical candidacy for 2024—and has already been tipped as a potential running mate,” the story notes.

“While the former president and his progeny have repeatedly hinted that a third run for the White House may be in the works, some longtime conservative observers see the beginnings of a post-Trump future in the strategies of rising stars such as DeSantis, the Florida governor, and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Both DeSantis and Youngkin have toed a careful line, neither embracing the former president nor the suicide vest of never-Trumpism,” it adds.

CNN published a report in late May indicating that Stefanik is likely the frontrunner:

While talk about a 2024 vice-presidential pick is of course premature, conversations about adding Stefanik to a future Trump ticket have gained steam in recent weeks at Mar-a-Lago and in other Republican circles, sources said. Current and former advisers and others in Trump’s orbit have privately argued that the New York Republican, who replaced Rep. Liz Cheney as the no. 3 House Republican last year, is a fierce and loyal attack dog, and Trump would benefit from tapping a woman for vice president should he run again.

According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, Trump has asked close friends and supporters what they think of Stefanik, one of several Republican women he is considering for the prospective vice presidential position, but he has not ruled out a few male candidates. According to one of these individuals, the former president feels Stefanik has experienced a true transition, having left the moderate half of the party to join its more strong “America First” faction.

“There is a part of Trump who thinks he needs a female VP. He definitely likes her, likely because of how effusive she is to him,” an adviser to the former president said.

Mediaite said that Robert Draper, a writer for the New York Times Magazine, went on MSNBC on Saturday and stated that Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made a stunning disclosure and informed him that she may run alongside former President Donald Trump in 2024.

It is “probable” that the former president has had similar chats with other prominent Republican women, according to the author.

“To be fair, Ali, it’s very likely that Trump has had this conversation with half a dozen other people too,” he told anchor Ali Velshi.

But, he continued, Greene possesses something that others may not, according to Conservative Brief.

“What Greene possesses that Trump so craves is loyalty. She has always been there for Trump. She has always had his back and after his experience with his last running mate, Mike Pence, it’s clear that he’s going to prize loyalty above all else, so I wouldn’t count it out,” he added.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

When Draper spoke to The Daily Beast’s “New Abnormal” podcast he said “that Greene had risen quickly in her first term in Congress by using the same tactics she honed as a right-wing social media influencer harassing Democratic staffers, and she could shoot to the second-highest office in government,” Raw Story reported. CONTINUE READING…

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