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Marjorie Taylor Greene rips ‘lazy, pathetic, wimpy’ Republicans blaming Trump for disappointing showing

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The projected ‘Red Wave’ did not occur because the ballots were cast, resulting in a relatively disappointing performance in the midterm elections. Now, some Republicans are placing the blame on former President Donald J. Trump, which is unpopular among his followers.

“Even with many key races up in the air and the party still having a realistic shot at winning the House – albeit with a smaller majority – and hanging in there for the Senate, the circular firing squad has been forming with the bombastic ex-POTUS in the center, but he has his defenders, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who blasted Republicans ready to cut and run on Trump,” BizPac Review reported, adding:

“The Georgia Republican who just won her reelection bid appeared on Wednesday’s edition of “War Room” where she discussed the underwhelming results with host Steve Bannon and tore into those who are rushing to throw Trump under the bus.”

“They’re trying to blame President Trump today and I want to tell you how shortsighted and ridiculous that is, it is pathetic. People are running out and saying ‘it’s Trump’s fault,’ no, that is a lazy, pathetic, wimpy, easy mindset,” she said.

“They just want one thing and then they want to carry on without doing the hard work, the real changes in the Republican Party and the way we fight the fight,” the fiery congresswoman added.

“Here’s why it’s not Trump’s fault. Trump has been being politically persecuted for the past few years now, ever since January 6th. He went out and did 30 ‘Save America’ rallies all over the country, he endorsed something like 285 candidates. He held over 50 fundraisers…” she continued, giving the nation’s 45th president his due credit for efforts on behalf of GOP candidates.

President Trump isn’t the problem,” she said. “President Trump is doing everything he can to help Republicans across this country and help Republicans win while he is being politically persecuted worse than any human being in our country’s history. That’s the real truth.”

“People that want to blame Trump, they are lazy and that’s the problem,” Greene continued. “We have to do the real work. Fix our issues in our party, to fix issues in our state elections and all over the country. We have to wrap up those issues instead of blaming one man so I’m not going to have that today.”

“It needs to end and I’m sick and tired of it,” she stated. “We have to figure out how to come together and work this party and Steve, I’m going to tell you something, I’m going to be pushing as hard as possible in the front and how to do that because I have a clear vision for it but it’s going to require a lot of people doing the hard work, you can’t solve problems overnight, you have to actually do the hard work to make it happen.”

“Despite the best efforts of Democrats and their operatives to take out Greene – including her home being ‘swatted’ on multiple occasions in the last month, she easily won and could be a force to be reckoned with if the GOP is able to eke out the remaining contests to take over the House,” BizPac Review reported.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Trump, who had announced that he was planning on making his candidacy all official by Nov. 14- telling the public then that he would run for POTUS in 2024 – has now been told by close associates to chill out and not jump in yet. CONTINUE READING…

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