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Marjorie Taylor Greene Roasts Eric Swalwell To His Face

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Republican US Representative Majorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, who does not pull her punches, said the quiet part out loud about deceitful, corrupt, and likely adulterous Democrat US Representative Eric Swalwell from California on Thursday, causing her exchange with him at a House Committee hearing to go viral.

“A meeting of the House Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday went completely off the rails after Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused California Rep. Eric Swalwell of having a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy,’ San Franciso media reported.

Tuesday’s hearing for Swalwell’s alleged “sexual relationship” with a suspected Chinese spy was characterized by the Daily Caller as a lashing.

The Democrats complained that the remarks were too cruel.

Dan Goldman, a Democrat from New York, then interrupted her and demanded that the committee expunge Greene’s remark from the record.

Goldman, D-New York, interjected and demanded that Greene’s remark be omitted from the record and that she be prevented from speaking further.

“Completely inappropriate,” Goldman said.

“A motion has been made,” Mark Green, R-Tenn., the committee’s chairman, said. “The committee will suspend, and the gentleman will state the words that he wishes taken down. ”

“Everything that the gentle lady from Georgia has said,” Goldman responded.

“No, you need to be more specific,” Green replied.

The latter part is not an appropriate motion,” Green responded, “but we will evaluate the striking of those words. Give me just a second.”

After giving Greene the opportunity to retract her remarks and hearing “No, I will not,” Green ruled that they would remain in the record.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Mississippi, appealed the decision, stating that he was “appalled” and “embarrassed” by Greene’s remarks.

Eventually, the resolution was tabled, and Greene was allowed to continue interrogating Mayorkas.

Greene subsequently referred to Mayorkas as a “liar,” prompting Democrats to successfully have those words removed from the record for violating rules against character assassination. Greene was therefore prohibited from speaking for the remainder of the hearing.

“Accusations of an affair with a Chinese spy,” Goldman said. “Those are engaging in personalities, and those words should be taken down, and the gentle lady should not be able to speak anymore in this hearing.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Greene was asked to retract her words about Swalwell and denied the request. GOP Tennessee Rep. Mark Green, the committee chair, then refused to strike her taunt from the record, and committee Republicans thwarted Democrats’ next bid to appeal the ruling. CONTINUE READING…

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