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Marjorie Taylor Greene Stated Trump Has Considered Her As A Potential 2024 Running Mate

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In three weeks, people throughout the nation will determine which party will control Congress for the remainder of Biden’s tenure.

It is still uncertain which way the Senate will swing, but it is largely predicted that the Republicans will retake the House of Representatives, albeit by a narrow majority, and Kevin McCarthy, the current House Republican leader, faces no credible opponents for the Speakership.

In the meanwhile, Republican legislators have prepared for a majority House with a flurry of letters and preservation notices throughout the Biden administration, signaling a vast array of planned inquiries ranging from the southwestern border to COVID-19.

Republicans are particularly interested in Hunter Biden’s international business connections and the illegality of such dealings. Republicans have spent years investigating what, if any, role Biden played in them. The material on Hunter’s laptop contributes to the inquiry, although not all has been disclosed.

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene offered a challenge to fellow Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy in an interview on Monday, stating McCarthy has to be ‘a lot more aggressive’ for a successful leadership bid and advising McCarthy to give her ‘a lot of power’

She allegedly stated, ‘I think that to be the best speaker of the House and to please the base, he’s going to give me a lot of power and a lot of leeway,’ if the GOP gains the majority in the November midterm elections.

‘And if he doesn’t, they’re going to be very unhappy about it. I think that’s the best way to read that.’

The congresswoman said, ‘And that is in no way a threat. I just believe that to be true.

Greene’s appearance on Monday indicates that her call to impeach Biden for his son’s business dealings – which are the subject of a federal tax investigation – may get traction in a Republican-led House.

The outspoken Republican’s efforts to impeach the president were hampered when she was censured by the Democrat-controlled House and deprived of her committee assignments for allegedly promoting “divisive and violent statements” before being sworn in.

McCarthy pledged publicly in March to reinstate Greene’s committee assignments if Republicans regain control of the House.

Greene is making her intentions apparent, as her spokesperson already told DailyMail.com that she expects to petition for impeachment again in the incoming Congress.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In the profile of the conservative firebrand published by New York Times Magazine on Monday, Greene suggested McCarthy himself could entertain the idea of impeaching President Joe Biden – something she has pushed for publicly since the day after Biden was sworn in.

On McCarthy approaching a hypothetical impeachment, Greene compared him to herself, ‘My style would be a lot more aggressive, of course.’

‘For him, I think the evidence needs to be there,’ she explained. ‘But I think people underestimate him, in thinking he wouldn’t do it.’ CONTINUE READING…

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