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McCarthy Begins Taking Action Against Manhattan DA over Trump Indictment

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has defended the rule of law by labeling the indictment of 2024 presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump as “election interference” and promising to investigate the matter with the relevant oversight committees.

McCarthy, who has not always been the most aggressive Conservative in the GOP, was installed as House Speaker in January after a difficult ascent within the party as a result of his prior anti-Trump efforts.

McCarthy stated on the same day he informed reporters that the Republicans was dissatisfied with Biden about the impending credit expansion that Biden requires for his large government to function.

NPR reported with details about the looming debt and economic crisis and how McCarthy reacted with some real enthusiasm:

With negotiations over avoiding a default on the country’s credit limit stalled House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters Thursday that the GOP-led House may move its bill.

“If the president does not act, we will,” McCarthy said, hinting that he is close to reaching consensus with his colleagues on a proposal. He stated that the House might vote on legislation based after a letter he delivered to Biden earlier in the week proposing reduced expenditure levels and the addition of many policy initiatives to a package to raise the debt ceiling.

McCarthy added, “I don’t know what more I can do,” as he urged the president to agree to another meeting to reach a solution. He then appeared to poke fun at the 80-year-old president by stating, “I would bring the lunch to the White House, I would make it soft food if that’s what he wants.”

When McCarthy was elected speaker of the House in January after 15 ballots on the House floor, he agreed to a demand from a group of conservatives that he would not allow any vote to increase the debt ceiling without spending cutbacks. This method, according to Democrats, is “hostage taking” and threatens a historic default that would roil financial markets.

McCarthy appears to be sticking to his agreement to be proactive for the Republicans on the debt limit and on defending the rule of law:

The effort to “get Trump” in order to prevent him from running for president is now highly troubling to the rule of law and threatens to ruin our once-great judiciary.

Alvin Bragg, a prosecutor supported by Marxists who is considered as behaving in a blatantly political manner by advocating for Trump’s arrest, was granted his demand to have a grand jury deem Trump deserving of being hauled into court.

Martin Walsh reported on the details for Conservative Brief:

The case involves Trump’s alleged role in hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, allegedly to keep Daniels quiet about an affair the two of them had in 2006. CONTINUE READING…

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