Meet Cicely Davis, The Republican Challenger Looking to Unseat Ilhan Omar

Republican Cicely Davis is running for U.S. Congress and has already defeated Shukri Abdullahi Abdirahman and Royce White to win the official endorsement of the Minnesota Republican Party.

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Now she is looking to unseat Democrat “Squad” member Ilhan Omar.

Born in Somalia and the first Muslim refugee elected to serve in Congress, Omar is widely considered one of the most radical and controversial members of Congress.

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Rep. Omar recently came under fire for criticizing Christians over Easter weekend for singing worship songs while aboard an airplane. She is also known for attempting to abolish the police department in Minneapolis, which fortunately failed.

Cicely Davis says she’s running for Congress to replace Rep. Omar in Minnesota and prevent the radial transformation of Minneapolis and America.

Minneapolis recently rejected a radical measure in the state to defund and nearly abolish the police force.

Davis responded, “There was an assumption that because [Ilhan Omar] backed it, and because Keith Ellison backed it and promoted it, that it would go through. And so I think there was a complacency there, but the people stood up.”

“Just to remind the people, my district is 63% liberal, and so this is the significance of them voting against, at 57% of the voters, voted against saying they wanted more police presence, not less.”

“And so the reality is, is that progressives have been using this public safety reform as a Trojan horse for the radical transformation of America and the Minneapolis people stood up and said, ‘no’, and that to me is absolutely shocking.”

She continued, “And so the way to beat her is right now I would need to ride this wave. Again, what happened on election Tuesday so that common sense is finally starting to kick in. I’m having conversations in liberal living rooms is what I’m calling my tour right now.”

“And what they’re telling me is that you know what, we don’t feel that she actually cares about what we care about those kitchen table issues.”

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“What’s costing more at the gas tank, putting money in the gas tank, what’s costing more to buy groceries, you’re getting less than your paycheck, which means that we have to take away from you know, electives like taekwondo fees and piano lessons and sports and things like that.”

Explaining the difference between Omar and herself, Davis said, “She’s for defunding of police in Minneapolis. She’s also for defunding the Iron Dome in Israel. She clearly has a problem with her constituents and our allies and protecting themselves.”

“Omar loves to hold hostages. She led the squad in voting against the infrastructure bill because the even more expensive, bankrupt America Act didn’t pass first.”

“She’s not at all listening or bowing to the will of her constituents in this district. I’m stepping up to hold her to accountable. I apologetically stand with our allies in Israel, and I’m standing up against the anti-semitism agenda that’s going on in this country.”

Davis concluded the interview by saying, “We need someone who can come in and kind of calm things down and be a real champion for this district. But leave people to where, you know, there’s common sense and there is a way that we can work together, stand shoulder to shoulder and really represent and change the narrative for Minnesota.”

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Omar is part of the so-called “Squad” that includes Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley. Just like her cohorts, Omar says stupid things without basis and works to undermine the standards and values of the United States rather than support and work for the good of her constituents.

Davis alleges that Omar does not represent Minnesota’s District 5.

“This is a tone deaf leader. She’s not present, and she’s not interested in actually being a representative of this constituency,” Davis said.