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Member Of Musk’s Own Private Security Flips – Puts His Life In Imminent Danger

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When Elon Musk upset the world of politics by disclosing internal Twitter data regarding the link between the Biden FBI and the censorship and blocking of prominent political personalities on the platform Twitter, he was cautioned that he was making big enemies and should guard his back. In the last week, Musk has reason to increase his protection.

The incident that occurred on a roadway in the Los Angeles region on December 13 has become the focal point of a discussion over internet expression and the publication of personal information. NBC reported that on Tuesday, authorities in Southern California said they were seeking further information about the event that Twitter CEO Elon Musk said motivated him to tighten down on accounts that track the whereabouts of private planes, including his.

Musk justified his decision to restrict the Twitter account @ElonJet, which exposes the position of his private jet, by stating that a “stalker” had followed and confronted a car transporting one of his children using location information from the account.

The invasion of privacy that posed a threat to Musk’s family drove him to restrict reporters who were engaged in the publication of family members’ locations. Musk subsequently restored several of the reporters on Twitter, but Business Insider writer Linette Lopez, who has covered Musk and Tesla for years, and Elon Jet designer Jack Sweeney remain banned. Musk has publicly said that “doxxing” and other stalking tactics will not be accepted on the new Twitter.

Musk stated, “Any account doxxing real-time location info of anyone will be suspended, as it is a physical safety violation. This includes posting links to sites with real-time location info.” This includes publishing links to websites that provide real-time location information.” Musk continued by stating that it is OK to post location notifications that are delayed and not in real-time.

Now, the police-investigated event near a freeway in the Los Angeles region has become a flashpoint in a discussion about the sharing of personal information on Twitter, which is owned by Elon Musk.

NBC reported that in a statement released on Tuesday, South Pasadena police said the incident included a member of Musk’s security team whose vehicle collided with the vehicle of a guy who Musk said was following him. The police referred to the security guard as a “suspect.” They did not specify what offenses they believed he had committed, but said they were investigating a claim of “an assault with a deadly weapon involving a vehicle.”

In their statement, police claimed that a Connecticut male, age 29, had exited a highway soon before 10 p.m. to use his cell phone at a petrol station. According to authorities, while the man was parked, another car pulled immediately in front of him, obstructing his route. “When the officer arrived, the subject had already fled the scene,” according to the statement.

“At no time during the incident did the victim identify the suspect or indicate the altercation was anything more than coincidental,” police said.

The driver of the second car, identified by police as a member of Musk’s security team, then accused the man from Connecticut of following him, according to police. According to them, each party recorded footage during the dispute. The Connecticut man was struck by a member of Musk’s security crew as he was exiting the parking lot, according to the police.

However, the South Pasadena police statement made no mention of a possible stalker. “At no time during the incident did the victim identify the suspect or indicate the altercation was anything more than coincidental,”   according to the police. Obviously, the authorities are examining the highway incident and not the earlier Internet posts.

According to the statement, detectives do not believe Musk was present during the confrontation.

NBC said that Twitter did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the police statement.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The Washington Post reported a person who identified himself as the driver featured in the video of the confrontation that Musk shared online said he has an interest in Musk and the mother of their two children, Claire Boucher, who is better known as the musician Grimes. NBC News has not verified those statements or who was in the video. CONTINUE READING…

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