Mexico’s President Urges Americans To Buy Cheaper Gas Across The Border During WH Visit

Americans have never been reluctant to cross international borders in search of cheaper products and services.

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Especially travel to Canada and Mexico, the two nations that border the continental United States. to get everything from food or construction materials to home goods, medical treatment, and medications.

Typically, they are items or services that are either unavailable at home or priced so drastically lower that the journey is justified.

Before the price of fuel skyrocketed under the presidency of Joe Biden, the practice was nearly unheard of.

Numerous businesses have been negatively impacted by the increased price of gasoline, including those involved in transporting commodities, personal and professional travel, and commuting and home tasks.

For starters, the gas would be needed to cross the border, and a portion of the purchase would be consumed on the return trip.

However, even if petrol is far less expensive in a foreign nation than in the United States, crossing the border to fill your gas tank is not as feasible as it may initially appear.

It can take up to two hours to re-enter the United States at ports of entry in large American cities, adding to the time spent driving from home to the foreign gas station.

During the previous spring, when petrol prices in California reached as high as $6 per gallon and the U.S. national average was around $4.24 per gallon, several Californians traveled to Mexico to get gas for approximately $2 less per gallon, at $3.96 per gallon.

Even drivers from Texas made the journey.

Granted, if you’re filling up a work truck and you don’t live too far from the foreign gas outlet, you could save enough money to make the trip worthwhile, especially if you cross the border at a less congested port of entry.

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The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, appears to believe that going to Mexico for petrol is well worth the journey.

Since assuming office in December 2018, President Obrador has endeavored to make Mexico a fuel self-sufficient nation.

He campaigned on a platform of revitalizing the state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and achieving energy independence.

Due to Obrador’s subsidies to Mexican oil businesses and refineries, gas prices in Mexico have stayed largely steady since the surge in prices during the Ukraine conflict.

The director of the Center for US-Mexican Studies at UC San Diego, Rafael Fernandez deCastro Medina told Newsweek that Obrador is “someone who thinks like someone in the 1970’s, he really thinks about how important it is for a sovereign country to be independent in gasoline.”

“So what he’s doing right now,” Medina continued, “he’s not only having a negative tax – the IEPS – for gasoline, but he’s also heavily subsidizing gasoline now.”

In December 2021, Pemex announced that it would have to drastically reduce its crude oil export in order to meet the Obrador administration’s plans to have all of Mexico’s oil refined domestically.

Pemex is “the single most indebted oil company in the world,” Medina noted.

And now Obrador made his point about buying gas in Mexico to President Biden in a recent White House meeting.

During a Tuesday White House meeting with President Joe Biden, The President of Mexico urged Americans to buy cheaper gas south of the border.

Biden initially spoke, followed by Obrador.

Obrador spoke for more than 25 minutes after Biden, suggesting a migrant worker visa program long sought by corporate interests that rely on cheap labor instead of American workers.

“And right now, a lot of drivers, a lot of Americans are going to Mexico — to the Mexican border — to get their gasoline,” López Obrador said.

“We are committed to guaranteeing twice as much supply,” he added.

“We have decided that it was necessary for us to allow Americans who live close to the border…to go and get their gasoline on the Mexican side at lower prices,” López Obrador continued.

“And right now a gallon of regular costs $4.78 average on the [US] side of the border and on our territory, $3.12.”

Biden cut in, bragging about gas prices decreasing from the all-time high in June. “They’ve come down for a few days in a row.”

The Mexican president even took a partisan shot at American conservatives in the White House meeting, urging Biden to stay the course on his hands-off approach to immigration enforcement.

“I know that your adversaries, the conservatives, are going to be screaming all over the place,” he said.

“Even to heaven. They’re going to be yelling at heaven.”

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Biden responded with a smile.

Both leaders appeared to have read scripts during a public segment of the meeting, Western Journal noted.

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