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Michael Flynn Goes Off On John Durham After Major Upset

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Special Counsel John Durham, who dragged out an investigation for years and taunted the American people with the possibility of justice, served up a nothing burger in the end, coddling the nation’s most corrupt public servants, prompting a prominent patriot to release a negative statement in response to the news that no charges would be filed in the latest trial.

Prior to the conclusion of the trial, three-star general Mike Flynn, who had become a household name as a Democrat General who confronted former President Barack Obama about ISIS when Obama referred to their terrorism as “nothing more than a JV team,” spoke with a reporter named Emerald Robinson about Durham.

Early in President Donald J. Trump’s presidency, Flynn explained to Robinson why he had been removed from his position by a treasonous group: “Durham is only going after little players and not the Big Guys.”

“There would have been no Mueller investigation if I had been there. I would have stopped it. We would never have all this foolishness with COVID. They had so many plots ready to go with their new World Order and that is what we are facing right now,” Flynn said.

Watch that interview that occurred before the most recent verdict:

So while Americans naively and patiently went about living their lives, paying taxes, and supporting a corrupt government – enduring the kicks in the face, over and over again, with a blatant two-tiered system of justice and massive usurpations of our freedoms, hoping that something would eventually break their way with Durham – they were being swindled by a group of greedy elites in Washington, D.C., who helped to overthrow a duly elected

They got away with everything.

What we have now is that will be more pain than* nothing happened at all* with the Durham Special Counsel legal moves.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“On Tuesday, Igor Danchenko was acquitted on all four charges against him for lying to the FBI.

Danchenko and Christopher Steele made up the entire Trump-Russia narrative and the FBI-DOJ ran with it for years. Not one of the criminals at the FBI-DOJ who participated in the coup against President Trump will be punished,” Jim Hoft wrote for Gateway Pundit, adding this post:

“Following the announcement today General Michael Flynn, whose life was ruined by the lies and corruption of the Department of Justice, responded to the jury verdict,” Hoft reported, adding:

“Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, who covered the FBI’s Trump-Russia hoax better than anyone, reported.” CONTINUE READING…

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