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Michelle Obama Makes Startling Announcement About 2024

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Michelle Obama is complaining that her insomnia is caused by her concerns regarding the 2024 presidential election.

Michelle Obama, who was never proud of America until her husband was president, stated in an interview on Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose” program, which was released on Monday, “I am terrified about what could possibly happen.”

“Because our leaders matter. Who we select, who speaks for us, who holds that bully pulpit — it affects us in ways that sometimes I think people take for granted.” When queried about the primary concerns that disrupt her slumber, she emphasized this particular matter.

“The fact that people think that government, does it really even do anything? And I’m like, ‘Oh my God, does government do everything for us.’ And we cannot take this democracy for granted. And sometimes I worry that we do,” Michelle explained.

“Those are the things that keep me up,” she said, while also listing wars “in too many regions,” the trajectory of AI in our lives, the state of education, the extent to which the public is excessively attached to their phones, and the level of voter participation as her primary concerns.

Shetty inquired about the evolution of the renowned remark made by the former first lady at the 2016 Democratic National Convention: “When they go low, we go high,” throughout the lengthy discourse.

“If anything, what does still offend you?” The podcaster and life coach made an inquiry.

Michelle Obama responded, “Injustice, ego, greed. Racism, ignorance — it’s offensive. And I’ve always been that kid. I don’t like unfairness; I don’t like bullies. But I have to think about how I deliver messages.”

“Still, even in my pain and my anger and my disappointment,” she continued.

Her statements come amid reports that former President Obama has voiced concerns regarding the possible threat that former President Trump could present should he be re-elected and reestablish himself in the White House. Trump is currently well positioned to secure the 2024 Republican nomination for the White House.

Michelle Obama criticized Trump in an indirect manner, remaining silent on his specific name.

“The tone and tenor of the message matters. We can’t just say what the first thing that comes to our minds,” she exhorted.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“That is not authenticity to me. That’s childish, and we see childish leadership right before us — what that looks like and how that feels, where somebody is just base, and vulgar and cynical in a leadership position,” she said to Shetty.

“It doesn’t trickle down well. That just begets more of that,” she went on.

“I think we are obligated to model, for those of us that have a platform, because it resonates,” she continued. CONTINUE READING…

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