Michelle Obama Reacts to Meghan Markle’s Racism Claims

Michelle Obama said it “wasn’t a complete surprise” to find out about the alleged racism within the British royal family, according to Fox News.

Markle described that “she felt like she was in her own family — her own family thought differently of her.”

“As I said before, race isn’t a new construct in this world for people of color, and so it wasn’t a complete surprise to hear her feelings and to have them articulated.”

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“I think the thing that I hope for, and the thing I think about, is that this, first and foremost, is a family. I pray for forgiveness and healing for them so that they can use this as a teachable moment for us all.”

“My hope is that, when I think about what they’re going through, I think about the importance of family, and I just pray that there is forgiveness, and there is clarity and love and resolve at some point in time,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

From Fox News:

Obama is a longtime supporter of Markle, calling her “my friend” and “a thoughtful leader” in an Instagram post in 2019.