Mike Lindell Calling Out Conservative Media And Fox News

Rather than the media, particularly the fake news media — which we are all well aware of — “the largest difficulty we have is the conservative media, particularly the ones that don’t speak,” Lindell said. “One of them has a rhyme that rhymes with Fox. Okay? Disgusting. “They’re downright awful.”

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Mike Lindell called upon conservative media news agencies as well as Fox News for not pushing forward his own collected and presented evidence regarding the 2020 November elections.

The charges of massive election fraud were still being promoted on Saturday, despite the fact that Lindell is facing a $1.3 billion lawsuit.

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He told the gathering that “we all know what occurred and it’s all going to be right, and it’s all been on God’s schedule.”

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As he said, “I will assure you that there will be no election in 2022 that will be conducted using any machines or computers.”

During his statements, Lindell chastised the media for “attacking again” in an attempt to “deflect” attention away from the situation.

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“It’s referred to as electoral deflection,” he said. “They also want to attempt to stifle our voice once again.” Did you hear about what they did to OAN only a few days ago? “It’s really horrible.”