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Mike Lindell Filed A LAWSUIT Against J6 Panel!

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The establishment wants Lindell to remain quiet and to sit down, but that is precisely what he won’t do! He can ignore the elites in the DC Swam, and he will fight for what he believes!

He refused to calm down and just ignored everything. Lindell won’t comply with the Pelosi-dominated January 6 panel and submitted his phone records and other data to the partisan hacks on it!

He is suing the J6 commission over the Subpoena for his phone records.

The attack was launched on Wednesday, the deadline for filing any legal actions in the court.

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He used the suit to block the panel and keep his phone records private. If he battles a victory, Lindell will protect his personal information from a mop partisan and jab a huge thumb in Pelosi’s eye!

The lawsuit filed in the US District Court of Minnesota gives helpful data on what the J6 Committee wants from

Mr. Lindell and shows his request for relief on the idea that:

Mr. Lindell […] associates with numerous other persons who may or may not be public figures, whose identity and association with him is not publicly known, who wish to have such contacts remain confidential. Disclosure of those contacts will chill if not end such informational and organizational efforts. Mr. Lindell engages in direct lobbying of elected officials, and encourages others to do the same. Compelling disclosure of Mr. Lindell’s religious and political activities and associations is a violation of his First Amendment Freedom of Association rights, Free Exercise of Religion rights, as well as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and Freedom of Assembly rights.

The suit says that:

Some who have associated with Mr. Lindell to assist and inform his exercise of free speech, political expression, and religious expression have intentionally kept their association with him confidential, out of fear that they will suffer retaliation, harassment, and loss if their association with Mr. Lindell is made public. Mr. Lindell, likewise, desires to protect the confidentiality of those who provide him with assistance and information, so that citizens are not deterred from providing him with assistance and information in the future.

The suit reinforces those claims and says that Mr. Lindell is a journalist and has the right to keep safe the identities of his informants.

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Mike said that the Subpoena violated his Fourth Amendment rights and added. “[t]he Subpoena cannot be enforced because it violates Mr. Lindell’s Fourth Amendment right to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

Maike said that the Subpoena exceeds the panel’s authority, saying that:

‘’The scope of the Subpoena is overbroad and intrusive. It would force disclosure of private communications between Mr. Lindell and persons with whom he has associated in pursuit of shared political and religious objectives without regard for whether those communications relate to the authorized subject and purposes of the Select Committee’s investigation.’’

Mike said, “a veiled effort to conduct an unauthorized criminal investigation, and it is not in furtherance of a valid legislative purpose.”

As the lawsuit states the request for relief:

Mr. Lindell brings this action seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to invalidate the Subpoena on several grounds and to prohibit its enforcement. In the alternative, Mr. Lindell seeks an opportunity to review the information sought by the Subpoena in advance of any production by Verizon so that he may assert any applicable claim of attorney-client or another privilege before the information is produced to the Select Committee.

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