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Missouri AG Seeks to Remove Soros-Linked Prosecutor from Office, Citing ‘Willful Neglect’ of Cases

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A prosecutor with ties to George Soros may be removed from office for “willful neglect of cases.”

Republican Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey released a statement slamming St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, stating that he has taken measures to remove her from office due to “years of willful neglect” in prosecuting the cases for which she was responsible.

“As Attorney General, I want to protect the people of St. Louis, and that includes ensuring prosecutors protect the public,” said Bailey. “We gave Circuit Attorney Gardner the chance to do the right thing and resign, she has refused to do so, and my office filed a quo warranto at 12:01 PM to remove her from office immediately.”

Bailey’s office said in a press release: “On February 18, 2023, Janae Edmonson, a sixteen-year-old athlete, was walking back to her hotel in downtown St. Louis when she was run down by a speeding vehicle and lost both her legs. One was severed, and the other maimed. Ms. Edmonson survived the crash due to her father’s quick action and emergency medical training, but both of her legs were amputated.”

“The driver of the speeding vehicle, Daniel Riley, should never have been in that car. He is a dangerous gunman who should have been in jail. In 2020, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office charged Riley with First Degree Robbery and Armed Criminal Action for stealing a firearm from a victim at gunpoint. The Circuit Attorney dismissed and refiled that case on July 18, 2022, but not before Riley- who was out on bond- earned 54 separate violations for failing to comply with the pre-trial bond conditions. After the Circuit Attorney refiled the case, Riley earned 50 more violations. The Circuit Attorney never filed a motion to revoke Riley’s bond,” the release added.

“The quo warranto points out that Ms. Edmonson’s injuries are the direct result of years of willful neglect from Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner. As the Circuit Attorney, Respondent is morally, ethically, and legally responsible for the conduct of her office. For years, the Circuit Attorney’s Office has failed to (1) prosecute cases to resolution, (2) has failed to inform and confer with victims, and (3) has failed to even review and file cases submitted by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department,” the release continued.

The petition related by Bailey alleges that “the circuit court has been forced to dismiss more than 2,700 cases, often because of [Gardner’s] inexplicable failure to provide defendants with discovery and a speedy trial” and that her “lack of diligence has forced her office to dismiss more than 9,000 cases — frequently on the cusp of trial — endlessly frustrating courts and victims desperate for justice.”

Bailey argued in the petition that Gardner’s conduct constitutes grounds for the forfeiture of her office under Missouri’s Revised Statutes:

“Any person elected or appointed to any county, city, town, or township office in this state, except such officers as may be subject to removal by impeachment, who shall fail personally to devote his time to the performance of the duties of such office, or who shall be guilty of any willful or fraudulent violation or neglect of any official duty, or who shall knowingly or willfully fail or refuse to do or perform any official act or duty which by law it is his duty to do or perform with respect to the execution or enforcement of the criminal laws of the state, shall thereby forfeit his office,” the AG said.

Fox News reported that when Gardner first campaigned for the office of circuit attorney in 2016, her campaign accepted an in-kind contribution valued at $67,693.23 from the Soros-funded Safety and Justice Committee believed to be related to an ad run in her support.

More on this story via Conservative Brief:

Many prosecutors across the country have reportedly been elected with the support of groups linked to Soros. CONTINUE READING…

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