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Mitch McConnell Issues Infuriating Statement On New GOP House Majority

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When Kevin McCarthy, as House minority leader, repeatedly compromised and “worked with” Democrats, he attracted the ire of some conservative Republicans. His actions returned to haunt him last week as he ran for Majority leader in the Republican-controlled House. The conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus were not going to vote for McCarthy until he adopted a conservative stance and conceded to their requests. As recalcitrant conservatives obtained those concessions, and ended up either voting for McCarthy or abstaining, it became evident that the new wave of Republicans had gone to the right and the passive attitude toward the Democrat agenda will no longer fly.

McCarthy’s 15 votes should serve as a wake-up warning to any RINOS who believe conservatives will continue to yield to Democrat demands.

McCarthy endured days of opposition before providing enough compromises to garner the necessary votes to break the impasse. The majority of conservatives engaged appeared to have walked away satisfied, having secured important posts on committees and rule amendments. Indeed, the voters who abstained were seeking these concessions and used their votes to obtain them. Fans of the democratic process applauded as the vigorous discussions resulted in McCarthy’s victory, stating that this is the type of debate we SHOULD see in Congress… Transparent, no-holds-barred standoffs that conclude with both parties compromising.

In the still Democrat-led Senate, it seems the minority leader is trying to hop on the conservative bandwagon but has no deeds of his own to rely on in his new attitude.

Red State remarks on McConnell’s statement:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell congratulated House Speaker-elect Kevin McCarthy late Friday evening. McConnell, for his part, opted to send the following message: I’m officially dead. I cease to be alive.

“Congratulations to Speaker McCarthy and the Republican House majority. Senate Republicans look forward to working together to check and balance Washington Democrats, bring oversight to this reckless Administration, fight the far left’s radical policies, and defend America.”

I’m not sure there’s anything conservatives despise more than being gaslit by their own leadership, and this is gaslighting of the highest order. McConnell states that he is looking forward to “working together to check and balance Washington Democrats, bring oversight to this reckless Administration, fight the far left’s radical policies, and defend America.”

McConnell appears to believe that the rest of us were born within the past few days, since he has just completed what was practically a joint campaign appearance with Joe Biden in Kentucky. Prior to the previous election, the approval of a big infrastructure bill was considered as a major win for the White House program. McConnell personally assisted in rallying support for the spending deal.

An attentive observer may wonder how providing the president with anything he desires serves as a “check and balance” against the “reckless” Biden administration. Over the past two years, McConnell has had the power to say “no” to a variety of items, from the recently enacted $1.7 trillion omnibus spending measure to the White House’s gun control bill. Instead, McConnell and other Senate Republicans went along with Biden and his allies, delivering them victory after victory.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Now, McConnell wants to play as if he’s a conservative warrior, looking to hamstring an out-of-control administration? Yeah, that doesn’t begin to play with those of us who have been paying attention. Heck, in shoving through the aforementioned omnibus package, McConnell actually neutered the very GOP majority in the House he’s now lauding. How can they “fight the far left’s radical policies” if they no longer have the power of the purse for the next fiscal year? CONTINUE READING…

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