Mitt Romney Is A RINO Who Needs To Retire

I’m so sick of politicians like Mitt Romney, who claim to be conservative but are FAR FROM IT.

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Case in point:

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What a limp, pathetic, DEMOCRAT. Not sure if Mitt is aware, but conservatives stand for freedom and revere the Constitution. Although I could’ve consulted his dog about him not understanding the whole freedom thing when he tied Seamus to the roof of his car.

Seriously, though, why does Mr. Binders-full-of-Women not retire already and spare us the fact that he’s the male version of Ana Navarro at this point? Oh, that’s right. Because sucking endless money from taxpayers is a good gig if you can get it.

I do love it when he and Tulsi spar, though. That’s fun to watch, mainly because Tulsi kicks his ass sideways.

Tulsi also would like him to go:

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It’s good that she doesn’t have a toddler he’s trying to fit with a useless face diaper on a political power-trip, amirite? Because that definitely wouldn’t end well for ol’ Pierre Delecto.