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Mother of Nashville School Shooter Was Gun Control Activist – Kept Guns Out of Schools

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Tragic details about the monstrous shooter in Nashville are emerging, such as the fact that he was raised in a controlling and dominant environment by a social justice activist parent who held views regarding the extent to which American citizens are permitted to defend themselves, their families, and American schools full of captive and unprotected young children.

“Guns for me but not for thee” is a flippant way to define the left’s mentality, revealing the underlying purpose of most “anti-gun” activists, and that is the case in the most horrific, terrible, and senseless mass shooting that has ever occurred.

In general, the anti-gun movement generates a great deal of political theater, bread and circuses, and grassroots marketing through performance art through protests, riots, and grassroots marketing. Several NGOs and non-governmental organizations say they will influence public policy around gun ownership, but they never actually do so.

“Despite some public support for tighter laws, campaigners have failed to influence federal policy,” left-leaning The Economist reported recently, adding:

“In the 20th century the gun lobby linked firearm ownership to personal responsibility and good citizenship. The National Rifle Association’s (NRA) publications and training courses—which enroll over 1m participants a year—claim that Second-Amendment rights are under threat.

The gun-control lobby had a comparable strong identity until school shootings brought it together. The 2012 and 2018 school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida were particularly motivating. The family of survivors and victims created pressure organizations.

Parents around the nation joined local chapters. Defining the problem as one of kid protection increased its acceptability. Donations flooded in from contributors, including billionaire Michael Bloomberg. In 2016, the NRA and three other significant groups had nearly five times as much money as the six top gun-control organizations.

According to the Pew Research Center, gun owners are twice as likely as non-owners to petition their congressman and almost five times as likely to give to politicians or groups that share their views on weapons.

In the United States, gun restriction is generally unpopular, but pressure organizations employ dishonest techniques to scare people and generate confusion, anger, and fighting- to get their way, and they leave innocent people defenseless and unprotected from mentally ill individuals.

This is something that will make the most recent shooting tragedy even more tragic.

The mother of the transgender school shooter in Nashville, who, according to police accounts, was aware that her daughter possessed firearms and other weapons, vigorously advocated for gun regulation, particularly in schools.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Cullen Lineberger reported for The Gateway Pundit about the sickening irony that led up to the Nashville School shooting this week, writing:”Take a look at these Facebook posts calling for gun restrictions. One would be surprised if her daughter, Audrey Hale, did not share the same views”, citing a New York Post and Daily Mail reports about the mother’s anti-gun rants: CONTINUE READING…

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