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MSNBC Host Has To Wake Joe Up In LIVE Interview

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Since becoming president, Joe Biden has notably conducted much fewer sit-down interviews than his predecessors. He recently provided this rare chance to MSNBC, a “friendly” medium that favorably writes on him, presumably to make it easier for him to sit through the interview.

That did not appear to be the case, however, as the live interview went horribly wrong and things became embarrassing for all of America to witness.

Biden is facing criticism for his extreme and concerning lack of public press conferences, sit-down interviews, and outright frequent refusal to take questions from the press, despite having campaigned on the promise to restore trust and transparency following Donald Trump’s allegedly adversarial presidency.

“Biden’s refusal to address the American people about the many crises they are facing under his failed administration is inexcusable,” said Republican National Committee spokesman Emma Vaughn.

His Friday night exclusive interview with the leftist news network MSNBC did not assist him in this area, as it became evident why he avoids live questions. When asked what his wife, Jill Biden, thinks of him running for reelection in 2024, Biden looked, to put it generously, to completely zone out.

Biden told MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart, when asked whether he plans to run again, “I have not made that formal decision but it’s my intention . . . to run again and we’ll have time to make that decision.”

“Dr. Biden is for it?” In the sit-down interview that aired on Friday night, Biden appeared to gaze toward the floor in response to a follow-up question from Capehart.

“Mr. President,” the interviewer interrupted finally.

Biden ultimately stated, “Dr. Biden thinks that — my wife thinks that I, uh — that we’re doing something very important.”

If re-elected in 2024, Biden would be 86 years old by the conclusion of his tenure, given his present age of 79. Even though he has not even finished his first four years, it is plausible to ask if he is intellectually competent of another four.

Even Democrats worry about his electability and mental well-being in his old age. He has not officially declared another White House run as of yet, although “Biden reiterated that he intends to run for re-election in 2024, but said he has yet to make a formal decision, in part because that would trigger a series of regulations around his candidacy,” according to NBC News.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

According to an Issues & Insights/TIPP poll published earlier this month, nearly two-thirds of Americans — including a majority of Democrats — have said they are at least “somewhat concerned” about President Biden’s mental health. CONTINUE READING…

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