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MSNBC Host Lets Out a Laugh After Jill Biden Makes Absurd Claim About Joe’s Age

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First lady Jill Biden appeared on “Morning Joe” for an exclusive interview with Mika Brzezinski, during which she provided America with a glimpse of how her husband’s campaign intended to address the matter of his advanced age. However, the interview may not have garnered the exact response she had hoped for.

“Your husband is 81,” Brzezinski said in a clip of the interview shared by MSNBC on X. “At the end of a second term, he’d be 86. As his life partner of 46 years, is there a part of you that is worried about his age and health? Can he do it?”

Biden immediately defended the energy level and capability of the president.

“He can do it,” she responded. “And I see Joe every day. I see him out, you know, traveling around this country. I see his vigor; I see his energy; I see his passion. Every single day.”

“Mm-hmm,” Brzezinski seemed to agree. “So, to those who say: ‘I can’t vote for Joe Biden. He’s too old.’ What do you say?”

“I say his age is an asset,” Biden answered.

“Ha!” the “Morning Joe” co-host responded. I’m not sure laughter was what the first lady had been going for, but it’s possible that Brzezinski, an obviously friendly interviewer, wasn’t laughing at her so much as with her — expressing appreciation, as it were, for Biden’s spin on the question of her husband’s age.

As Brzezinski was not on-camera during her laughter, rendering any body language or facial expressions that could have offered context for her ejaculation unobservable, her subsequent statements appeared to corroborate my supposition.

Brzezinski stated, “He is wise,” essentially reiterating Biden’s position.

“Yes, Biden agreed. “He’s wise. He has wisdom. He has experience. He knows every leader on the world stage. He’s lived history; he knows history. He’s thoughtful in his decisions.

“He is the right man, or the right person, for the job at this moment in history,” she concluded.

In addition, I am uncertain of the benefit she derived from changing “right man” to “right person” in that instance; it is not as if referring to him as the “right man” would preclude a woman from assuming the role; however, deciphering the rhetorical maneuvers employed by the left has become futile.

In any case, 77% of respondents to a poll conducted in August by The Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago believed Biden was “too old to effectively serve another 4-year term as president.”

51% of adults who responded to the same survey had the same opinion of Trump. This is still a majority, but it is plainly a much lesser frame of mind.

Regardless, the exchange between the two Joe Biden supporters is available to view below.

“His age is an asset… he is the right person for the job at this moment.”

Have 81 years of life given Joe Biden wisdom? It’s certainly possible. “Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of days,” Job tells us, and who am I to argue with him?

However, Job continues by stating that wisdom is acquired through a personal relationship with God and by spending time with Him. Furthermore, despite frequently referencing his Catholicism, Biden’s conduct seldom appears to suggest the existence of a relationship with the Father.

Obviously, only God knows for certain, and I’m certain I’ll receive emails from individuals berating me for being judgmental (ironically, the authors of those emails never seem to comprehend that they themselves cannot be judgmental). However, Jesus commanded us to judge, but to do so prudently and according to standards distinct from those of the world: “Judge not by appearances, but by right judgment” (John 7:24).

I cannot deny that Joe Biden has sufficient white hair to qualify for the “wise statesman” role, based on his appearance. However, if we exercise “right judgment,” as Christ instructed, then…

That could be an entirely different story.

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