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MTG Releases Chilling News From Secure Briefing – Demands Jail Time For Joe

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The international business dealings of President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, are largely unaffected by the efforts of former President Trump to create legal problems for himself.

However, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has continued to monitor the situation. In April, after perusing sensitive documents, she claimed that not only has the Biden family been involved in illegal business transactions in Ukraine, Russia, and China over the years, but there may also be ties to a trafficking scheme. Conservative Brief provides information.

She believes that the Biden family benefited financially from Joe Biden’s various positions of authority over the years, stating that the “Biden crime family participated in human trafficking by soliciting prostitutes from the United States and abroad in countries like Russia and Ukraine.”

Greene contends that the House Oversight Committee can disclose connections between other family members and financial transactions involving some of Hunter Biden’s female associates, despite the fact that Hunter Biden’s hazardous business dealings were already known prior to the 2020 election.

Given that Biden’s son has struggled with substance addiction and other issues, Townhall notes that Greene’s speculation may not be wholly unfounded.

Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Kentucky) stated that the FD-1023 document, developed by the FBI based on a “highly credible” source, indicates Biden’s participation in a pay-to-play conspiracy during his tenure as vice president.

Following a closed-door meeting at the Capitol on Thursday, Greene did not mince words regarding what she believes should happen next with President Joe Biden.

The Georgia Republican said that after viewing a sensitive but unclassified FBI document sought by the House Oversight Committee but which is being withheld by Director Christopher Wray, she is confident that Biden should be “prosecuted.”

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Greene revealed the contents of the document she read in a sensitive compartmented information facility (SCIF) that Comer referenced.

She noted that she and other attendees were prohibited from making duplicates or taking notes, but she disregarded these restrictions and took “very detailed notes” regardless.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Greene told the Caller that information in the document “implicates Joe Biden in a pay-to-play scheme bribery scheme to get a prosecutor fired that was investigating Burisma where Hunter Biden sat on the board.”

In addition, she said the FBI informant is “extremely credible” and added that the document “implicates our national security” because it puts Americans “at risk” regarding the war in Ukraine. CONTINUE READING…

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