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MTG Reveals Something We Didn’t Know: Many GOP Politicians Have Actually Moved Even Farther Right

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In the previous two years of political turbulence in the United States, leaders and citizens are asserting themselves. Some who have taken the middle path are discovering that the middle is not the optimal position. Either allow the opposition party to seize the initiative, or fight up for the ideals you believe in and were elected to preserve.

As the 2022 session draws to a close with the passage of a massive infrastructure bill and attention turns to the 2023 session, in which Republicans will control the House, a House representative with insider knowledge of the minds of congressmen and women addresses rumors about the mindset of Republican representatives.

Marjorie Taylor Greene came to Twitter to provide some fascinating information regarding this topic.

Here’s what she said:

I have a vision of a Republican Party that truly serves the American people and our many great needs. Our House GOP conference all suffered together so much in the past two years and many House Republicans have changed and moved to the right, but the base doesn’t know yet.

The Senate Republicans are a different story, and the 18 Senators who voted for the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill are the Uniparty, comprising 36% of Republican Senators. Despite the fact that just 4% of House Republicans supported it, 2 of them are traitors (Cheney & Kinzinger).

The base will no longer accept Uniparty Republicans, who are regarded as putting America last, and I have made that obvious within our conference while the base has made its displeasure known externally. This must continue in order to maintain the proper flow of our meeting.

Additionally, it should be noted that Republicans won the House but not the Senate. This is because many House Republicans opposed Biden and the Democrat’s plan, but Republican Senators under McConnell helped enact Biden’s agenda. Voting records and election outcomes serve as evidence.

Many House Republicans realized after J6 for the first time what it’s like to not get donations from K Street and large businesses for the majority of the past two years. While Republicans were cast aside by K Street and Big Corporate due of all the awakened agenda nonsense and insurrection falsehoods, many House Republicans discovered they don’t need K Street and Big Corporate as much as they once did. We gained the House after they rejected us.

Now K Street and Big Business are returning in a trickle due to the January takeover of the House by the Republicans. The most essential thing the base can do is to ensure that your support and voice for the House Republicans are greater than that of K Street lobbyists and large corporations.

As the People’s House, Washington, D.C. is now open to citizen lobbying, and the base should begin to do so. Call member’s offices in advance, schedule an appointment, and plan a trip. Bring your companions. Be professional, kind, and enthusiastic. Make the Republican Party the party of America.

The interior of the Republican party, including conservatives, moderates, and more liberal Republicans, holds the key to 2023’s events.

Wayne Dupree states:

Marjorie Taylor Greene has given everyone a really interesting update, as we get ready for the Republicans to take over the House next month. As we all know, there’s a lot of infighting going on with McCarthy, who wants to be leader, and many of us (me included) would prefer he didn’t. McCarthy is not an America First warrior. He’s a wishy-washy establishment guy who tries to ride both sides of the fence, and does his fair share of wheeling, dealing, and backstabbing in the shadows. But – and this is a big, and annoying “but,” we don’t have a good plan to replace him. Nobody who can truly lead the party has stepped up, so sadly McCarthy likely needs to stay in place for now. But this has to be it, and we also need to apply a lot of pressure on him to do OUR BIDDING, not his, McConnell’s, or Biden’s.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

It should also be pointed out Republicans won the House majority, but not the Senate. That’s because many House Republicans fought Biden & the Democrat’s agenda while the McConnell Republican Senators helped pass Biden’s agenda. Voting records & election results are proof. CONTINUE READING…

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