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Musk finally makes the left live with its own fact-check rules on Twitter and Ooh-BOY!

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The left is furious over social media fact-checking of Democrats because it threatens their status as the self-proclaimed tiny kings and queens of the universe that they have fooled themselves to be.

The only incentive to be a Democrat nowadays is the prestige of having crooked, affluent, pampered, and spoiled-rotten-to-the-core political heroes.

It is comparable to an endless Bravo reality television program for Democrats and Democratic voters.

Democrat voters take pleasure in seeing their party’s politicians get away with crimes and usurpations.

So when their heroes are busted and made to act as the commoners are obliged to behave, the world of delicate leftist minds is shaken to its core.

Since Elon Musk seized control of Twitter, the social media powerhouse, he has been mocking the extreme left, for whom he has little regard in terms of their self-perceived royal position.

To be considered as equals to other regular people has agitated the left to such a degree that they have unsuccessfully attempted to organize platform boycotts.

But in reality, they can’t stay away, and they continue to post while expecting Big Tech to treat them as it has in the past.

In addition, their delicate egos are being crushed, and the independent media is capturing it all.

“While equity is the left’s favorite world these days, turned out they are not so thrilled when held to fair and impartial standards themselves,” Biz Pac Review reported- while pointing a sharp stick at the Marxist left over a recent dust-up over radical far left Elizabeth Warren’s post regarding what is legal under the US Constitution.

Here is the story:

Elon Musk is under fire after taking control of Twitter and trying to run the social media platform like an actual business as opposed to a means to a political end — a business that respects free speech. In trying to present a level playing field where all users have the same experience, a strange phenomenon has been occurring of late — the so-called fact-checkers are now fact-checking people on the left.

“Fox & Friends” highlighted a recent example of this when Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., tweeted the following: “Let’s be clear: President Biden has the legal authority to cancel student debt.”

The tweet was tagged with a “Readers added context…” note pointing out that some “experts” disagreed with that assessment and that the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals had temporarily blocked the president’s order.

“Democrats are finally being forced to live in the world they created for the rest of us — [a] social media world,” comedian Jimmy Failla said, in the segment. “Big Tech censorship getting the job done for them, okay, but not the other side.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

After noting that any time a politician says, “Let’s be clear,” the next words out of their mouth is a lie, Failla added an astute observation about the left.

“They got lazy. For a long time, they were able to lie with impunity with full support from the media and no factual pushback in the court of public opinion when it comes to Big Tech and social media,” he said. “Now the game changed. You know… if you were in prison for 10 years and came out of jail wearing what was cool fashion 10 years ago, you might think you looked good, but it looks bad to everyone else.” CONTINUE READING…

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