Musk Just Became HUGE Hero With His 16 Word Tweet

Elon Musk had become a darling of the left, from his Tesla electric cars making electric autos “cool” to his stance on climate change and appearance on the liberal TV show “Big Bang Theory”.

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But, the state of politics and business in the U.S. has driven Musk from left to right.

Musk has maintained that it is politics rather than he that has moved, but regardless, there he now is on the right side.

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True Americans who value free speech and free enterprise are eagerly following Musk as he enjoys taunting the left on Twitter with his attitude toward the insanity that has come to personify the political left in America.

In fact, Musk is quickly becoming a conservative hero.

From buying out Twitter to reinstate free speech to announcing that his vote will be on the Republican side now, Musk has enraged liberals and has conservatives jumping for joy.

Musk’s slide to the right has come with attacks from liberals who used to revere him but now want to smear him in any way possible.

“Liberals have been using personal attacks for political purposes for decades; it’s a mainstay of their promotion strategies. And while it might have reached a nadir of character assassination during the confirmation hearings for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (a national disgrace that will remain a blot on the current era of the Democratic Party for as long as there’s a United States), it hasn’t disappeared,” as Western Journal states.

“The only way to fight it is to meet it head on. Kavanaugh did, when he finally could do so, in an epic moment that became a turning point in the country’s history. Musk is it doing now.”

Western Journal continues, “In the most recent ambush against the CEO of electric car manufacturer Tesla, as well as the pioneering aerospace company SpaceX, a ‘friend’ of a former SpaceX employee went public with a sexual harassment allegation against Musk stemming from an alleged incident aboard a company plane in 2016.

Musk not only answered the charge aggressively — challenging the accuser to back up the story with descriptive details not available to the public — he treated the whole affair with the kind of contemptuous humor that makes a mockery of the accusers.”

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Musk told Insider that the attack was “a politically motivated hit piece.”

Musk was quick to deny the accusation and labeled the attack “wild” and “untrue.”He then belittled the accusations with humor on Twitter.

Conservatives are enjoying Musk’s humor in the face of ridiculous and obvious attacks.

“Thanks to the stridently leftward drift of the Democratic Party in recent years, along with the embarrassing, obscene enabling behavior of the mainstream media that has made it possible, what Musk is saying comes across as a bracing blast of bravery amid the current bedlam,” the Journal noted.

“Standing up for free speech shouldn’t make for a hero in the country created by giants like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. It should be taken as a matter of course.

But if there’s a more telling sign of how far the traitorous insanity of the American left has gone, it would be tough to find.

And if liberals loathe Musk more with every passing day, it’s all too easy to see why.”

Musk is ramping up his tweets about the liberal lack of regard for the U.S. Constitution and on Thursday evening he summed up the attacks in a tweet that leaves no question as to the source of his detractors and his love of free speech.

Posting that the attacks are “political” not by a politician, but a businessman and a former liberal darling is drawing a line between right and left that shows just how radically far the left has extended.

“The attacks against me should be viewed through a political lens – this is their standard (despicable) playbook,” Musk wrote, “but nothing will deter me from fighting for a good future and your right to free speech”

Musk is referring to our Constitution, the First Amendment, freedom, and the truth.

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He is also referencing that since he announced that he will be voting Republican, almost immediately the baseless attacks are coming fast and furious.

It could also be surmised that the left does not want the sale of Twitter to go through, and free speech reinstated on the social media platform.

There was a time not so long ago in American politics when Musk’s words would have been almost unremarkable when every decent American understood that ‘free speech’ is part of the national DNA, Western Journal stated.

Musk has drawn the line…..Americans who feel that our founders’ intentions are being challenged by those who want to do away with our republic move sharply to the right now!