Musk Just Sent Twitter Engineering Manager Into Tirade

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has shaken up the world of social media with numerous bold moves this month, including purchasing the majority ownership of Twitter.

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Musk then used the platform to troll leftist employees who have been censoring conservative American content- and one fragile radical leftist employee, the engineering manager of Twitter- Jay Holler- says he is completely “broke” over it all.

“OK, I’m radicalized now,” Holler wrote.

After Musk was added to the board of directors, Holler freaked out and complained to the CEO of the company over Holler’s concerns about transgender issues saying Musk had “transphobia”.

Holler openly trashed Musk and even the CEO of Twitter, calling tweets about Musk’s ideas for improving the platform and being added to the board of directors the worst tweets he has seen in years.

What Holler failed to mention was that he was radicalized by the left- a long time ago and that he has an obvious bent for radical Marxism.

It is important to note here that according to journalist Andy Ngo, Holler is so violent and radical that he donated to help violent rioters in 2020- proving his obvious bias. In a Ngo thread on the meltdown of radical leftists at Twitter, Ngo wrote:

“Jay Holler, Twitter’s engineering manager, says @elonmusk becoming a Twitter board member has “radicalized” & “broken” him. He’s trying everything he can to stop Musk. Holler previously donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which helped rioters, rapists & murderers in 2020.”

The Minnesota Freedom Fund was built on social media, by being elevated in people’s feeds so the group could set a public narrative about George Floyd, which in turn helped set a national narrative on race, which also helped instigate riots and political violence ahead of the 2020 elections.

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According to the BBC, who wrote about the devious bail fund:

“Following George Floyd’s death, people globally took to social media to express their anger and pain over the death of an unarmed black man by police.

Posts went viral on Instagram [and Twitter] listing local Minnesota organisations where people could donate to help the cause of racial justice.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) was one of the organisations mentioned widely online, including by celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Seth Rogan, and public figures like now Vice-President Kamala Harris.

In 2020, the MFF received around $40m (£28.2m) in global donations. They say they’ve spent around $19m of that so far.”


Holler went on a tirade on the platform expressing what the news of Musk’s position meant to him and it happened over several days, showing that Holler is a bit obsessive and compulsive as well.

What really triggered Holler was when Musk conducted a poll, from his personal account, asking people to respond about possibly adding an edit button to tweets.

And when Musk’s “edit button” tweet was retweeted by Twitter CEO Parag highlighting Musk and adding, “The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully,” Holler lost it.

In response to what he saw Holler quote tweeted Agrawal, saying “NOW it might be time for an emergency Space,” which shows a real war is brewing within the company over the issue of allowing others to have a voice- even when they own and run the company.

Holler felt so threatened by Musk that he even went as far as to block Musk, during Holler’s long and winding Tweet rage thread.

Holler defended himself by also posting hit pieces and smears, by media outlets, as some sort of proof that Musk was a bad guy.

One media outlet, The Paradise, picked up on the irony:

In the substack article “The Coming Collapse of Elon Musk,” the author unleashes a tirade of accusations against Elon Musk.

“How does a man who harasses whistleblowers, abuses most laws, rules, and regulations, supposedly has employees spied on, and advocates for a greener future while creating a huge carbon footprint become the most prominent, richest person on the planet? This is a question we’ll ask ourselves when the Musk bubble bursts, but the reality is we already know the answer,” the substack said.

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“Crony capitalism combined with ultra-cheap monetary conditions has enabled Dr. Evil-type figures to pursue their wildest fantasies, all while figuratively mooning the authorities on their own front lawn. The list of Musk’s shenanigans is endless. It’s the Elonwashing era,” it added.

Apparently, Holler is oblivious to the fact he works at a Big Tech company that had a hand in rigging the election against Donald Trump, banning users for free speech that was wrongfully labeled as “misinformation,” and shadowbanning conservatives who defy the radical narrative.

Holler then threw in some kind of vague accusation that I don’t have the inclination to translate from radical-speak.

Meltdowns by the leftist engineers at Twitter are expected to continue.