Must Watch: Buttigieg Caught Faking His Bike Commute, Drives Most Of The Way Before Unloading Bike From SUV

It’s common knowledge that Biden Administration politicians are duplicitous and hypocritical. We’ve seen it countless times. But the latest stunt was caught on video and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was caught pretending to bike to work. As a leftist progressive transportation secretary, it was apparently important for him to appear to care about eco-friendly transportation, so he thought it would look really good for him to be riding his bike to work. Look at him, saving the environment and stuff. He’s been seen several times biking around the capital and received exactly the progressive liberal fawning that he was seeking by his actions.

But a video revealed that Buttigieg and his bike were driven, in two armored SUVs, to a location close to his meeting where his security then unloaded the bike from one of the SUVs. Then Buttigieg donned his helmet and pretended to bike to work.

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Virtue signaling at its most hilarious. Oscar-worthy political theater.

He was hoping people would only notice the part where he showed up on a bike, and then he could boast about his environmentally conscious commute.

But what makes this even more hilarious is that while Buttigieg pretended to bike part of the way to work as some righteous eco-friendly publicity stunt, he was still followed the entire way by the two gas-guzzling armored SUVs.

Quite literally, him biking for that little bit of his commute wasn’t any more environmentally conscious than if he and his bike and just ridden the entire way in the armored SUVs.

But it was great for optics, and that’s all that really matters to the Biden Administration.

And it’s just the kind of duplicitous and disingenuous political theater we’ve come to expect from Biden politicians.