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Mysterious White Dust Blankets Parts of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland with chemical odor

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Americans are on edge after a series of escalating events this winter, such as watching the Chinese Communist Party advance a spy balloon, the subsequent shooting down of numerous other balloons, the train derailment in Ohio that resulted in a toxic explosion from which people are still suffering, and other strange occurrences that make some individuals feel as though they are under attack.

Then, in early January, there were significant cyber-related airline problems, increased global war rhetoric, and a complete collapse of our national security at the US border, leaving many Americans feeling uncomfortable and worried.

And Joe Biden and his administration’s reaction to the American people over COVID mismanagement, rising costs, a breakdown in the supply chain, financial difficulties, and international wars has been a disaster for the past two years.

Then on Thursday, to add to their concerns, multiple states reported yet another strange occurrence:

“Parts of West Virginia and Maryland were blanketed with a mysterious fine white dust late Thursday evening and into early Friday morning,” Cassandra MacDonald reported for Gateway Pundit, adding:

“The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia appeared to be hit the hardest, but there were also photos and videos being posted from as far as Winchester, Virginia, and Hagerstown, Maryland.”

“#BREAKING “white dust” falling out of the sky event in Maryland and West Virginia.
Residents described it as a “fine ash feel
Reports from Allegany County, Maryland, WV and Pennsylvania.”

As reported on social media, several individuals were concerned about the unknown material being dumped from airplanes.

Reports of a “small plane dropping white powder so thick we couldn’t see our neighbor’s house.” in the #WestVirginia #Maryland area. Multiple reports with pictures of cars coated in white dust particles. ➡️http://DankDesigns.shop⬅️ #chemtrails #conspiracy #conspiracytheory

MacDonald, a resident of West Virginia, recounted the incident and her interactions with neighbors:

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Social media was flooded with posts Friday morning from people complaining about a weird smell in the air and residue on their vehicles from rain that fell Thursday night and into Friday. CONTINUE READING…

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