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Mystery Deepens Over Obama’s Chef’s Death After Secret Service’s Latest Discovery

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Recently disclosed law enforcement documents from the Edgarton, MA, Police Department, obtained in accordance with the Massachusetts Public Records Law, reveal that the Secret Service had reported the disappearance of Tafari Campbell, the personal chef for President Obama. Utilizing sonar technology, his decomposing body was subsequently discovered in close proximity to Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the documents obtained by Judicial Watch, Campbell’s clothing was recovered separate from the deceased individual, and a life vest was not being worn. Several significant details regarding the drowning incident that occurred in Martha’s Vineyard on July 23, 2023, have been redacted.

The publicly available documents also include a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) incident report dated July 23.

Secret Service Agent [redacted] adv swimmers unable to locate the party at this time. Party last scene [sic] wearing all black, on a paddle board, African American male.

Rev’vd a 911 call from the above noted RP [reporting person] who identified as a Secret Service member. RP is req [requesting] at least an ambulance response, unsure of the exact services needed.

RP advd best access is from the residence, they are deploying a rescue swimmer and a zodiac boat right now.

RP adv no lifevest was worn, they have recovered the paddle board and clothing. Still no contact with missing party. They still have a boat and rescue swimmers in the area.

According to the documents, the Oak Bluffs Fire Department initiated the deployment of a dive team at precisely 8:25 p.m. At 8:36 p.m., both a Coast Guard helicopter and a state police helicopter were deployed to initiate an aerial response.

Police Chief Bruce McNamee indicated in the email containing the reports that the Massachusetts State Police had requested the redaction of the identities of a witness, including a Secret Service agent.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The establishment of the search operations’ headquarters took place at Wilson’s Landing, a frequently utilized boat launch site. The search efforts were conducted by dive and search teams hailing from Oak Bluffs, Tisbury, and West Tisbury. CONTINUE READING…

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