Nancy Pelosi’s Son Linked To Fraud And Bribery Scheme

Well, this isn’t a surprise. When Hunter could do it, why wouldn’t he try it for himself?

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At the end of the day, they’re in this because of money and wealth, not leading a country or bringing prosperity for Americans, right?

According to reports, “the son of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is allegedly linked to a fraud and bribery scheme where two other individuals are being prosecuted by the federal government for their alleged involvement.”

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The Daily Mail reportedly obtained “documents that show Paul Pelosi Jr. as being the listed owner of “a flophouse” that is connected to a purported scheme that was carried out by Bernard Curran and Rodrigo Santos, both of whom are facing charges of honest services wire fraud.”

The alleged scheme perpetuated by Curran and Rodrigo is a classic quid-pro-quo.

Santos was the co-founder of Santos & Urrutia Structural Engineers and was appointed to the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission in 2000 and later promoted in 2004 to be the commission’s president.

Between the two, federal prosecutors say they’d cooked up a pay-to-play building permit scheme. Santos would allegedly tell his clients to “make charitable contributions” under Curran’s name to Curran’s favored athletic nonprofit organization – typically in the amount of $500 to $1,500.

In return for these “charitable contributions,” Curran would allegedly use his role within the DBI to give permit applicants some favorable treatment.

For example, the DOJ press release notes that “one of several incidents outlined in the complaint, Curran inspected and issued a final approval of the work done under a DBI permit issued to a Santos client though work required to comply with the permit was never done.”

This DBI form in question was signed and dated by Pelosi Jr. back on December 7th, 2017, citing him as the property owner who was “legally and financially responsible for this proposed construction activity” and that he would “abide by all applicable laws and requirements that govern Owner-Builders as well as employers.”

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On top of this mounting evidence tying Pelosi Jr. to these alleged fraudsters, Pelosi Jr. has been embroiled in civil matters against a former flame, Karena Feng, about the ownership of a multi-million dollar building located on 1312 Utah Street.

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“Nicole Bulick, Pelosi Jr.’s former girlfriend, has proclaimed that Nancy Pelosi’s 53-year-old son has been interviewed at least three times by the FBI since the agency started taking an interest in this Utah Street property back in 2017,” the report has added.