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Nashville Shooter’s Eerie Message To Friend Moments Before Shooting Revealed

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Families in the Nashville, Tennessee region, who trusted in a completely broken system where adults are not permitted to address the real mental health crisis young people are facing, and where lawmakers and school officials are in denial of the violent threats we face, and our children face, from a very insecure nation intent on promoting a very unhealthy lifestyle for young people, have been completely let down.

Every institution is loaded with a population that has been extensively “woke” brainwashed and is filled with wrath, and the Democrats have used this demographic for political gain.

We are in grave peril.

Young people everywhere are suffering from the paralyzing thoughts that have been forced upon them as they sit captive in schools and are forced to embrace a leftist utopia that promotes the idea that what young people need most to be stable is, in fact, fluid, changing, and incapable of assisting them in making sense of the larger, crazier world.

Full Bodycam Footage Of Brave Officers Taking Down The School Shooter In Nashville


For decades, the left has pushed disorienting messages on youngsters throughout their formative years, with severe and dismal results.

The left asserts that the United States of America must abandon the ideals of Western Civilization in order to prevent the suicide of persons who are born unable to recognize their gender.

And in order to rescue them, we must overhaul our whole culture and every institution. Yet, this is illogical, and today a million times more individuals are experiencing severe mental and emotional breakdowns.

And one such individual with suicidal tendencies broke into a Christian school, massacred innocent children, ruined a community, and then committed suicide.

A life entirely squandered.

And she caused a great deal of drama before her death as a monster.

“Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale sent a friend a chilling “suicide note” minutes before slaughtering three children and three adults — writing her: “I’m planning to die today,” The New York Post reported, adding:

Hale, 28, messaged Averianna Patton, her former middle school basketball teammate, on Instagram at 9:57 a.m. Monday, NewsChannel 5 reported.

“So basically that post I made on here about you, that was basically a suicide note. According to messages Patton gave the outlet, I’m planning to die today,” Hale wrote, using the name Aiden. CONTINUE READING…

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