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NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Rushed to Hospital by Paramedics

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Ailing physically is the creator of the most devastating play in NBA history.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, an NBA legend, was admitted to the hospital following an accident at a Los Angeles concert.

Deborah Morales, an agent for Abdul-Jabbar, told TMZ that the incident transpired on Friday evening when he collapsed and fractured his hip.

After being transported to UCLA Hospital immediately, the Hall of Famer was “deeply appreciative” of the assistance he received, according to Morales.

“Last night, while attending a concert, Kareem had an accidental fall and broke his hip. He will have surgery today,” Morales told People.

“We are all deeply appreciative of all the support for Kareem, especially from the Los Angeles Fire Department who assisted Kareem on site, and the amazing medical team and doctors at UCLA Hospital who are taking great care of Kareem now.”

The specific concert he attended is presently uncertain.

In 2020, the former Lakers center disclosed he had previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer in a WebMD article he authored concerning healthcare and African Americans.

“Being Black means I’m more likely to suffer from diabetes, heart problems, obesity, cancer, and a shorter life in general,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote.

“Yup, tall people and Black people have shorter life expectancies. So far, in keeping with these statistical risks, I’ve had prostate cancer, leukemia, and heart bypass surgery.”

“I’ve been fortunate because my celebrity has brought me enough financial security to receive excellent medical attention,” Abdul-Jabbar added.

“No one wants an NBA legend dying on their watch. Imagine the Yelp reviews,” the basketball legend joked.

As per the New York Post, Abdul-Jabbar began his collegiate career at UCLA, where he won three national championships.

During his collegiate career, including his initial surge to prominence in high school, Abdul-Jabbar was known by his given name, Ferdinand “Lew” Lewis Alcindor Jr. During the 1960s, he established an unprecedented level of dominance in college basketball.

Subsequently, he spent twenty seasons in the NBA, competing for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers. Following his 1971 championship as the Bucks’ first-string quarterback, Alcindor adopted the Muslim name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame added that “Abdul-Jabbar is a six-time NBA Champion, six-time NBA Most Valuable Player, two-time NBA Finals MVP, 19-time NBA All-Star, and second on the league’s all-time scoring list.”

(Abdul-Jabbar was the NBA’s all-time leading scorer for decades, until Lakers star LeBron James broke the record in February of this year.)

Abdul-Jabbar’s notoriety extended beyond his extensive collection of titles and accolades. Additionally, the 7-foot-2 NBA legend is credited with developing the “sky hook” shot, which utilized every inch of the slender legend’s height and was virtually unblockable.

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